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Thanks. I'll leave interpretation up to you. ;)

Thanks! I wanted a big sky.

That was definitely my favourite part too.


Beautiful art.

I keep getting stuck -- I guess I am supposed to switch to a pick, but the mouse scroll doesn't seem to get picked up in OSX.

I can't get this running on OSX?

Cute idea!

This is great. You probably had a simple goal to achieve for the jam, and I would say that you achieved it very well. The controls are great, things are smooth and straightforward, and you probably have a great base to move forward from or else you learned what you wanted to learn. A great jam entry!

A new spin on endless climber games -- I like this gameplay more, though I'm terrible at it. Being able to fly backwards is a good choice.

It could be more 'fair' if the missles were telegraphed a bit before appearing -- a small arrow on the side of the screen before they show up or something? I usually die when I go too far to one side and get hit before I can dodge.

Very good! The art is great (I'm a pico-8 fan), and it seems like this is something you could build on in the future. The gameplay is a little funny sometimes -- when coins spawn in corners it's not possible to pick them up, I think?

Overall I'd say it's very good. I like the shop owner -- THANK!

I haven't been able to run it on OSX, but I really like what you have in the gameplay video -- the art design is really great, and the gameplay looks simple and fun. A great jam idea, and very well executed! :D

Have you thought about being able to attack the opponent somehow, perhaps even if it just slows them down for a second? It could make being near the other player a bit riskier, and add an additional strategic layer to the game.

Pretty good! You can't spray over the outside edges of stencils -- this could be a nice touch to get that real "graffiti sim" feel.

Nice! The sound design was great, and the game was fun too -- I beat the last enemy, which I thought was also the best part of the gameplay. I liked zipping through the bullet stream it fired!

I didn't realise that the power-ups weren't enemies for a little while. If I had to offer some constructive advice, I would say to try and make them visually more distinct from the enemy ships?

Overall very good!

For others who come by -- the webGL build runs on OSX using firefox.

I really like the aesthetic of this! The music is wonky, the graphics are weird, the colours are bright -- it's great!

This does run on OSX!

A good demo, the procgen level is cool! Some collision detection issues landing on the platforms.

Yes, as the others have said -- just a black screen here.

It looks cool, but I can't figure out how to move, and so I can't really avoid the AI attacks. Is this possible? If you don't want player movement to be a thing, maybe being able to shoot their missiles down would be an interesting idea?

This music is great!

I died a lot until I realised that I should just basically never stop shooting -- have you experimented with auto-firing at all?

I'm not sure if I am supposed to die at the end of the level, but I definitely did.

I ruined a lot of pizza, as a pineapple does. :)

The controls were a little slippery, but not necessarily in a bad way -- I thought that it felt nice to play.

This is great! I played until I beat one of the giant ships, which I probably wouldn't have done if there hadn't been no penalty on death -- that was a nice idea to make this game pretty accessible.

I found it pretty hard to know which ship was the important one when I had several following me around -- I tend to watch my ship out of the corner of my eye when playing a game like this, so I think the extra engine animations from the dark ships were what distracted me. I'm terrible at SHMUPs though, so there's also that. ;)

Simple and fun! A bit more variation between the asteroids could be cool.

Super cute! I echo the growing comment, but these are still nice as-is. I like the asthetic you went with.

I really like the cats. Their tails! :3

These visuals are dope. 🌙

Oh man, I was not expecting to be able to swim. This makes pretty cool maps, nicely done!

Very fun!

Too hard for me, I think -- but it looks great.

(Me with the hammer:

This controls really nicely, and all the different weapons feel really good -- I was expecting one of them to be a lemon in a jam game, but they're all great.

I'd totally play around with something more ambitious if it felt like this one does -- it probably wouldn't take much more effort to turn it into something bigger. :D

This isn't running past the character generation screen for me on OSX ... but it looks like an awesome idea. \m/

Pretty cool -- make sure to hang out near one you think is interesting, as the paintings keep developing for a little while.

Cute! A nice little demo.

Heya -- these images are broken. Could you just post the pico-8 colour indices?

It is typically possible to add a late submission -- you might be able to get directly in contact with the organiser ( some other way as well. It probably wouldn't be much trouble, and the more entries, the more fun the jam is!

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You've gotta eat the other birds!

... if you want to. You could also just fly around and enjoy the sunset. Maybe you're a vegetarian raptor?

I was developing using the sprite editor in pico-8 directly, though I use sublime text to actually do the text editing.

The source of my cart is available here: :)

Nice! I think that's what jams are all about -- getting the seed of an idea to work on later. :D

I agree -- procedurally generating boards would be really interesting here.