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It's nice to finally see the option to fight a bot, you are doing great!

I think I found a bug... when you walk towards and eventually into a wall the walk animation will keep going, even when you release the walk button :D

Yeah, I see what you mean, but you should eventually think of somehow adding local networking. And if no other player connects you will just play against a bot that you've programmed :D

I would replace all characters "J" and "K" abilities with a left-click, and then I would make the player face the direction the mouse is facing like here:

var canvasLeft = canvas.offsetLeft,

canvasTop = canvas.offsetTop;

canvas.addEventListener('mousedown', function(event) {

var mouseX = event.pageX - canvasLeft;

var mouseY = event.pageY - canvasTop;

if(mouseX < player.x ) {

player.direction = -1;

} else {

player.direction = 1;


}, false);

Really!!!?? Thank you for making this because it is probably my biggest Html5 game inspiration <3

You should add a passive click attack

Incredible fun to play! Did you make it in Html5?