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fungi :D

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mines quackity but might change it 2 a tommy lesbian pride picrew or toko from dr thh or something lol

sorry to break it to you , but you werent getting laid in the first place 

okay white ass straight cis christian privileged male :)

yes , but im talking ab women rn

nice grammar

hope you are on our side and talking to the dumbass fifty five yr old man lmao

you're never gonna get laid with that attitude , straight white cis christian privileged fourty yr old man 

periodt !!

no shit it happens to men too . but im talking about women right now

i agree with this as well . sexualization of lgbt in general is awful

why are men playing this omg

oh and of course this is meant to sexualize lesbians / wlw . LISTEN UP NASTY STRAIGHT MIDDLE AGED MEN , STOP SEXUALIZING LESBIANS !!! thank u

the bio is legit me i swear


i messed up on the work on a project and now im confused help lmaoooojsddfgf

nah she was so sad and lonely with igor :(

the bitzi and demon endings are my favs 🥺

ah yes demon lesbian . LITERALLY ME !!

the art is so cute omgg

you can play again , the creator said to press H for three seconds to keep playing

i cant get past the history level :(( pls help 

sososososo cute !! ima redraw the waifus in my style hehe

october 13th 2020 im my bday for this year omg 😳

im stuck at that place where another dude is about the come to the libary with the long haired girl . is that the end or am i dumb