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Hi, I'm obsessed with everything in this demo and have been checking in for any updates for a while now, however it looks like this information is only available to kickstarter backers. I follow you on twitter, but is there anyway to stay up to date on how things are going/ your future plans? 

(ミዋ ﻌ ዋミ)

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On my version the light backdrop behind the text and in front of the photo seems to be missing. Perhaps I should try to re-download it? I switched to the dashingdon version and it’s awesome so far, thank you ✨

Hi, I'm really enjoying the game so far - I especially appreciate all the informaion settings right at the beginning, it really cuts through a lot of what can sometimes be unclear when playing interactive fiction. Thank you!

Just one thing: in the downloaded version, a portion of the text isn't visible on the main screen or in settings due to the dark background, I don't know if this was just me?

So excited for this game; I keep checking to see if there's any news - where can we find updates on the game?

Thanks, I’m certain I will!


I can appreciate that, and I very much enjoyed that aspect of WTNC: being one soldier out of many and trying to solve a terrible and personal mystery that for me made the ordinary extraordinary. Anyone can make a difference, and I love unlikely heroes whose real superpowers are being clever or kind.

I’m certainly excited to see how things will pan out for the MC, in particular the romances. In retrospect, I’m a little bummed out that while playing the game I felt like I was on such uneven footing with some of the characters that any attention on their part seemed founded in pity or amusement. Raiden and Lucien’s scenes in particular have been a rough read for me, and perhaps that’s my own insecurity leeching through, but I couldn’t understand what they saw in my character at all. That being said, I understand that these relationships are only just beginning, and that the dynamic may evolve as the plot progresses. Please know I adore your games, and I’m eager to continue the story in the upcoming chapters. 

I just assumed the Nomad was way in over their head, or maybe new to the game, is it like that for the other routes as well? 

All I care about are kissing CGs tbh. I’m a simple girl. 

I have to say, I kinda enjoyed being a little more of an ice queen in this episode. My princess is gonna be one cold mf with no friends lmao.

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I’m just imagining them as like this middle-aged woman wheezing and trying to climb fences behind Raiden lmao. Just being like “well gosh this seems shady as heck, I don’t even know how I got here but that is very impressive. Look at you go, so fast, so strong!” haha. 

Chapter two was AMAZING, thank you for all your hard work, the game is just stunning. I’ve tried out the different roles and so far I’m loving the wanderer the most, although I’m not sure they’re particularly good at being a spy or a shadowy figure at all lmao. Anyway, I enjoyed bumbling around after Raiden despite everything, it’s kind of funny being the character that’s just like “What? Bold of you to assume I know what I’m doing” all the time. I’m excited to see what happens to the MC next. 

Also a great guide: nothing matters.

Poor Damon's taking a lot of heat at the moment lmao. I agree: I personally like his flighty, coldhearted decision - adds angst :3 - and I wouldn't expect any less from him, but that doesn't mean he gets to joke around and be all chummy with the MC afterwards. It was all sugar, no spice. If I had a say, everytime he tilted their head up to look at him he'd lose a finger :)

That was wonderfully put, you really put into words one of the things I’ve been worried about going forward. Only difference is I’m far less forgiving, and so far I’ve been keeping myself going by pretending that the MC is a lot more Machiavellian than they seem, and hoping that revenge is around the corner lmao. 

I would just like to add: I appreciate that a couple of people have come up with reasonable explanations for the MCs behaviour, such as shock or oppressive upbringing, but that isn’t something I can subscribe to fully as there wasn’t any indication in their inner thoughts, feelings, or words to justify this. There hasn’t been sufficient explanation as to why they behave this way in response to everything, and so it’s natural to assume that they’re smiling and flirting just... because? I think any additional information we get in subsequent chapters might clear this up, but even then it would feel a little too late for me. 

I don’t think the characters’ reactions is what upset people the most, although some may feel they went a bit far, it was more the railroading of the MCs reactions to some of them. As they’ve said, it makes for very uncomfortable if not upsetting reading for a lot of people. I personally love angst and conflict, but constantly forcing a smile onto my MC’s face for no discernible reason after putting them through all that was downright painful. Not having an appropriate reaction available, one that the majority of people would choose, can evidently make or break a story like this. 

Lmaooo yes. I stopped at exactly the same point, I physically couldn’t continue, I was like this mf... I could have honestly murdered him in game right then with no regrets. MC needs to get the biggest of grips. 

Yeah, I'm upset there isn't an option to be more upset. 

I can't imagine anyone in that situation being that polite, trusting, and empathetic. Gave me whiplash.

Tbh I couldn't even really take in everyone's sad backstory that soon afterwards, even the characters that were trying to be nice or lighthearted, I felt so awful for the MC - at best, the crew were being tactless and selfish, and at worst it made me feel like the MC may just be a very sad and meek person. Clinging to everyone's approval so eagerly immediately after experiencing such major anguish, being betrayed and then rejected on such a fundamental level, and then having people accuse you or joke around was very tonally uncomfortable for me. 

This is a character that has absolutely nothing as far as I'm aware: no family, no friends, no home, no skills or abilities, no knowledge or streetsmarts, and is tormented by these events, past and present, but only seems to have a couple of lines about being upset before someone talks over them about themselves/ smirks at them for being niave? Honestly made my heart hurt, I had to go watch baby ducks afterwards. 

Why can't we have romance AND revenge? :(

Exactly. Or like ditch everyone and disappear into the night, maybe go train with an old sage and begin your vendetta against those who wronged you, becoming the most infamous freedom fighter/  pirate/ assassin in the galaxy! Literally the only thing I would be interested in is revenge

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Fam, episode 3... the MC just has that trauma bomb dropped on her and then spends the rest of the episode apologising to everyone and taking their abuse like a champ? She's worried about their childhoods and keeping them from their work? Is she ok?? I was half expecting her to just walk off into the desert never to be seen again, not smile and ask everyone else how they're feeling lmao. That was devastating. 

Long time fan - I've been eagerly waiting for this game to come out since finishing WTNC and this is amazing so far, I'm in love with the characters! I also can't believe how fast you guys have come out with a patch, thank you.

After playing through it, I'm just dying to ask: I know this is just the prologue and the MC is in that kinda "reacting to everything" first stage, but I was wondering if they have something (class specific or general) that seperates them from the rest? What makes them special or uniquely suited to being this agent of change? Why are they in such high demand? Is this something we'll discover as the story develops? 

I think asking people questions about the story on discord is a good idea, but I also think people should keep in mind that a vocal majority of fans on discord will be very positive about the game, because that’s why they’re there. 

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Well said, and yeah, at every turn I just kept thinking "why can't I just leave? why I can't I just leave?", or even "can my character just jump off a building now?" - if that's the kind of reaction they were going for then, well, objective achieved. The whole time I just felt like my character was in the middle of a dumpster fire holding the gasoline with some kind of dumb, blank expression on her face. 

A lot of people have been claiming that anyone who wrote a bad review was expecting a happy walk-into-the-moonset "twilight" ending, and it's frankly insulting. Wanting your character to end up with their love interest mainly intact after like 50 hours of playing isn't an outrageous expectation, and there is nothing that would suggest this wouldn't be the case.  It's not about hating the subversive, it's about nobody realising they were paying to play 50+ hours of psychological horror. 

Yes, I can forgive druggy garbage sex, but no lube? In this vamp vagina? I'm out.

Lmaoo, exactly. "I'm not here for a sermon", can my mc put that on a t-shirt? Yeah, as invested as I was in the characters, I realised quickly that the mc has very little motivation or agency. I was ready to paint the town red but I barely felt like a vampire at all save for the fact that you apparently have cold, dry genitals :/ 

I get the feeling that the intention was to be provocative/niche, and illiciting any reaction is a bonus. I understand that it's a very specific kind of experience, but the whole discord chat started to feel like a gathering for people with shared trauma lmao. I do believe that people should create what they are passionate about but idk, at the end of the day maybe slap a warning on it? If I wanted to depress the shit out of myself and question reality I'd just sit in a dark room for 12 hours and call it a "different experience".

Yeah I've been hyped about the game for a long time - I even beta tested. I was so sucked in and invested  in the characters, but slowly discovering how bleak and vague everything was, and realising that everything I did was hopeless, was pretty devastating tbh. I'm still not over it. I've consumed a lot of messed up media, and REH isn't exceptionally dark, but this was a bitter pill for some reason. 

- SPOILERS kind of -

There were parts of the game that felt like we were literally being punished - I know that sounds nuts but it's kind of like "oh, you want to make out with someone do you? you want to get intimate? YOU FOOL! The only intimacy you can have is in a dumpster where you belong! And one or both of you will hate it!" or "You thought you could help?? Hah you naive CHILD, everyone is a fraud and  you aren't allowed!! Life is a COLD VOID OF DESPAIR and also it was all a dream~~... but you should stick around."

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I agree with everything you have just said, thanks for putting into words what I've been feeling for the last three weeks.

Just to make it clear to anyone wondering: 

I think there are 21 endings.

You have to complete a certain number to unlock each person's special ending. Markus may be more, or all of them? I don't recall, sorry!

"Special" does not necessarily mean "super special happily ever after", in fact I would brace yourselves.

And there are no traditionally happy endings; a couple of them are ambiguous, and many of them are soul destroying.

                                               ~This has been a PSA ~

A lot of people are talking about getting “bad” endings but I’m pretty sure there aren’t any traditionally “happy” endings, it doesn’t seem to be that kind of game.