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Dosen't work.

Sorry bro, I made a game, i just debbug it so I am sorry but you reply to late.

Do you have discord?

Do you have Discord?

Sorry for not quick reply, I was busy. I change a plan of a game (to end it until dedline) so if you want teamup reply to me.

No but I have fb lite that you can send messages.

No but I have fb lite that you can send messages.

I have an idea. We can do "VR nature experience" or somenthing like that. Player choose a map to look at with his phone (he move telephone up, he see a sky or somenthing like that.  Quick idea.

Sorry, I can't text you from the link. So I type there. Tell me litle bit more about yourself, what your making game role (coder, music producer, graphic, game designer ect.) Do you have any plan for a game?

Hello, I am looking for some teamates.

I am generally universal. I can do music, some code or do a basic graphic. I looking for enyone. If you intrested or just want to write a coment, comment below. Have a nice day. :3

This game is really masterpece. Is a mix of Dark Souls and Super Meatboy, short game but for total game masohist. I've been playing to 4 level, I need a friend to do this. Levels is so much hard and you must learn level, how is it working to do this ,but a Audiovisual luminaire do awsome job. Music is very good, perfect fit to game. Design is minimalist but I really loves it. (and eyes do not bleed after 15 minutes of play) My favorit to a game jam. Just download it and play, please. (sorry for bad english)