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You can't.

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Thanks for playing!!

I'm not sure what you meant by resolution options. You can already view the game at 2x size, 3x size, 4x size, or fullscreen. What else would you want?

Ah, i see.

Unfortunately multiplayer servers aren't free, and setting up online multiplayer would be an expensive multi-month process. So I can't say it'd be worth the time or money investment . Sorry!

What features would you look for from an online mode? This game is designed heavily around single player.

There is an android version for tablets, but the amount of work it would take to resize the game to a zoomed in view, add scrolling, and make everything work properly is more than would be profitable to go through with, unfortunately

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Thanks so much for playing!!

I know you had mentioned not getting paint for each creep--that's not a bug, every other creep gives 1 paint. This is for balancing reasons so you don't get too much paint. Managing a limited number of towers is the main challenge of the game!

I'm glad you caught on so quickly! Most of my testers really struggled to beat normal and especially hard mode. However, there's 4 more levels of increasing difficulty after hard mode, so if you ever do best hard mode without jinxing yourself, you'll unlock new levels of intense challenge!!

Thanks again for playing, Cry! Great video!

This was a fantastic time. I liked the comedy twist towards the second half of the game. Just an incredibly witty, clever game. I wish you accepted donations!

Oh god these controls are way too complicated. Like QWOP but with twice as many buttons to remember

Definitely misleading that the title and description are in English, and then the game seems to be only in Russian. Big disappointment! I really wanted to play this game because the visuals and music in the trailer were so professional! 

This is a really interesting concept! 
I find it frustrating how the cars coming from the top and bottom of the screen have almost no reaction time. Maybe they could move slower by default, or you could make the aspect ratio of the game square so there isn't such a huge difference between the vertical lanes and the horizontal lanes?

It can be a bit hard to click moving targets that are so small.

Also, it'd be cool if the emergency vehicles stood out more visually, maybe with a specific colored outline, or a consistent neon color scheme?

Anyways, this is cool and I don't usually like highscore games. My best score was 20!

This is an excellent game! I hope there's some farther development to add new fish types and maybe an expanded ending, or some sort of new game plus?

The worlds are randomly generated, but all have the exact same content and same upgrades in them, so there's not a ton of replay value.

But anyways, it's one of the better games on I paid for it and you should, too.

This has amazing game feel! I wish it had some more depth to it so I could play it for hours!

This was incredibly cool! Just a few thoughts:

The music loop is only around 50 seconds, but the levels are several minutes long. It can get kind of grating to hear the music repeated so much.

I also wanted to let you know that I got stuck in this spot-- I had moved the box to the left as far as it would go, and then I could no longer get on top of the box, making it impossible for me to finish the level!

Good luck with the full version!

Not bad for a first game! Although I wouldn't describe "Testing your patience" as a selling point, that sounds like it's a frustrating game.

This was great, a solid challenge!

That was super  cute! Wish there was a way to erase part of my drawing. But great idea!

I don't understand how to play or what's going on

This is really cool , here are my suggestions:

I couldn't find cream when asked to add it. Make it more clear where it is! I searched the whole map!

You should be able to restart a bath if you mess it up. Maybe you can, I just didn't know how.

That was really cute!

Burning Knight community · Created a new topic Needs a map!

Hey, great demo, but one thing I would love to see is a map so I stop getting lost. Thanks!

I like it!! Wishlisted.

This is really funny.

Lmao what a twist

That was pretty excellent, my only regret is that I stopped playing

That was awesome and so satisfying! Don't see much point in switching away from nozzle one though. Hint key was a good addition to stop it from getting frustrating!

The graphics and music are beautiful but it desperately needs a tutorial. You can't just throw players into the deep end and expect them to know what to do!

Hey this is pretty cool! Wish there was a little more to the later levels than just so many enemies it's impossible. But great job for 72 hours!

Hey, this was cool! Controls could use some work but for a jam game, it's excellent! Would love to see it expanded on!

Yeah, i actually ended up going in and completely revamping the tutorial, making it more interactive and walking the player through real gameplay. Good advice!

So glad you liked it! This was made in Game Maker Studio 2!

My projects are usually small enough that implementing alternate language systems would be cost and time prohibitive, unfortunately. Indies are often only in the creator's main language for this reason! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the game though!

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! :D

Thanks so much for playing!! I watched the video, it was great! Although the game is pretty complete and I've moved onto my next project, there's nothing stopping me from making a Unicellular 2 in the future :) Oh, also, you had a slightly outdated version of the game; 11 days ago I posted Patch 4 which fixes some bugs, balancing, and adds an options menu. But I'm glad your play experience was positive despite not having those adjustments!

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Thank you for trying it out! I added more paint in the latest patch. 

Glad you liked it! Thank you for the feedback! :D

10/10 Both hilarious and sad. Can't wait for the full release with 30 hours of gameplay

This is really cool! I played it on stream and everyone agreed it looked really fun. The "placeholder" graphics are really good, better than I can draw for sure. The gameplay mechanic was confusing at first but once I learned what all the abilities do, it was really fun and unique! Combat feels satisfying even though I have little control over when my abilities activate, which is an impressive feat!

Can't wait to see where this goes, would especially love some basic sound effects in there to really make the impacts hammer harder! Also, would love some more explanation as to what the icons in the bottom left do, I never understood that.

Hopefully my early feedback was helpful!

By the way, I'm working on my own tower defense game, I'd love it if you could try it out and give me feedback like I gave you feedback! :) Thanks!

Thanks so much for playing and sharing with your subscribers!

I'd need To see a side by side of what that level looked like before, but those graphics look fine! A little overly vibrant for my taste 

Hey, I tried it out!

Art is beautiful, sound is fantastic.  I was unclear on why the turtle can't touch the grates or the level restarts. However, I pushed through and finished the level. Ice physics puzzles aren't a new or unique concept, but this game was a short and fun ride. I can't wait to see you add more levels!

Also, I'm working on a Tower Defense game called Paint Defense. It'd be immensely appreciated if you could give it a try and get me some feedback! Thanks!