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You handcrafted all 500 puzzles? How long did that take you!?!

Seriously, though, great game. presentation is clean and beautiful, sound design is so nice and relaxing. This is wonderful!!

I really love this game!! If the presentation were cleaned up, you could make some good money from this concept!

I played this together with my girlfriend, we loved it!! Super unique mechanic and really clean art. It's so good! You guy(s) should feel proud of yourselves!!!

Re-doing the export system to create a text file probably wouldn't be worth the time investment, unfortunately.

And yes, it is possible since you have access to all of the dialog data-- just might take a while to program.

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Currently this isn't possible by default with TalkTree, but if you check the manual you can see how text data is stored and probably code your own system to do so.

Love the Kirby 64 style combo mechanics!!


I'd need to know a bit more and see screenshots of how it's implemented in your game. Shoot me an email at

Thats... Bizzare? I'm using the built in window_center function, maybe if isn't set up for 4k

Thanks!! What your highscore?

Thank you!

you can import the demo just like any studio 1 project!

Although the demo file isn't updated for GMS2, the rest will all work fine!

A bit generic but it works well. I got to what I assume is the last level, and collecting the goal piece did nothing.

Also, there was a transparent blue dot on that first level that was never used again. What was it supposed to do??

The music is a tad painful because of its tiny loop D:

Breath of the NES is on hold, sorry!!

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Do you have a screen overlay like Twilight or Screen Dimmer? Android won't let you tap install if something is covering up the button

How in the world do we open a "BAS" file??

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Feels like a commodore 64 version of the Google Chrome "offline" game. Nice!

I believe that the manual goes into some detail on this: the ini files store the information in DS Grids converted into strings. The only way I know how to deencrypt these ds grids is with Game Maker Studio.

Of course! If i charged $10 and didn't allow derivative projects, this would be the worst product ever 😜

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Of course you can sell your game! 😊 Just let me know when your game is out, I love to see what people have created with TalkTree!

When I do that in a game I usually just use the variable setting feature! Just have a variable like "expression" and interpret that within your game's code

¡si por supuesto!

whoa, interesting! I've never had that happen with a game of mine before.

When the new game is playable I'll be sure to share it with you all!!

v2 never got finished 😥

i really appreciate the support!😁 If you want to help out with anything, let me know on Twitter! Thank you!!

im using GMS1 although I'm probably going to be forced to switch to GMS2 later in development. Contact me on Twitter if you'd like to chat!

I'm programming the game in Game Maker Studio!

If I did, they could bring me to court😕

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"Nintendo has asked me to stop hosting the game. "

You can't get it anymore

any reason you posted the trailer and a bunch of periods?

read the first sentence on the page; Nintendo shut the project down so you can't anymore

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sounds more realistic, but it would also make it really annoying to aim

i was going to add a boomerang in the next version. What do you mean by proper boomerang physics?

it's a dollar, I'm fine paying that. But I need a description and/or a video

There's a required minimum payment on this game, but there's absolutely no description of what it is. All that's on the game page is "A work in progress game made in Game Maker" and a bunch of changelogs. Not even a single sentence on what the game is or what I should expect if I buy it???

That would be pretty cool!

Not sure yet! Follow me on twitter or here on to stay informed!

I'm the main developer, though I'm going to be having people help out with the music and graphics :)