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Created a new topic Lol what is this game?

There's a required minimum payment on this game, but there's absolutely no description of what it is. All that's on the game page is "A work in progress game made in Game Maker" and a bunch of changelogs. Not even a single sentence on what the game is or what I should expect if I buy it???

That would be pretty cool!

Not sure yet! Follow me on twitter or here on itch.io to stay informed!

I'm the main developer, though I'm going to be having people help out with the music and graphics :)

There isn't a mac version yet, although Wine might work!

that's a very cool idea, although what I was planning to do was have on- demand saving without restriction

The extent of the spoilers:

Link eats apples instead of hearts. The end.

So glad you like it!! and "WIP" stands for "Work In Progress" ;)

In the current version, yes!

it'll be a little while, I want to make sure there's lots of new content!

how do you accidentally walk into a fire? Haha 🔥🔥🔥

you did! That is fixed in the next version, don't worry

did you say you're on Windows XP? If so, your system architecture isn't the issue, it's the fact that XP is no longer supported/updated. Sorry!


I'm aware of that one! It's fixed in the next version

Breath of the NES will always be free, but eventually I'd like to make a spin off that's bigger and better, with original graphics/characters, which would be paid.

what version are you using?

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there's a Sprint item in the lost woods! Also, if you're getting less than 60fps, that's part of why. Next version has better optimization

Hey Kadewom, I'm going to be hiring a professional for this one actually, thanks.

thanks for the bug report!

the file should work fine on any window machine. What happens when the try to play?

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wait for the next version, it has way better optimisation 😊

i will be translating later in development!

It does help! Thank you!!

Alright, then it's not the framerate's fault that Link is slow. Thanks for the feedback!

what FPS were you getting, if I could ask?

And there's 2 bows just so you could get one even if you didn't find the one in the graveyard.

The next version will have better optimisation, it should run faster for you!!

Oh, I understand what you mean now.

The intention was to cook items by dropping them on the ground and then using your sword to knock them through the fire. People aren't always getting this, so for ease of use I'm making it so that all food items dropped within a one tile radius of a fire will get cooked 😊

The public demo has awful optimisation. You should get a constant 60fps in the next version

Android support will probably get done eventually!

ive improved the optimization, in the next version you will get 60fps!! That should make everything feel faster :)

And later down the line I will need help translating to German, be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter! 😊

That's just an unfinished area, no way to get there!

That page is private.

Are you having issues with a full inventory in this version?

I've improved performance in the next version, what fps are you getting?

i will definitely need help translating to Spanish, amigo 😀 that will be further in the future though

explain why?

I will add remappable controller settings in the future! :D

The demo is so short that I didn't bother programming one, I wanted to give people a challenge getting everything that's there!

Of course, the final game will have saving!

If they ask me to stop using Zelda characters, I have some plans for original characters :) development will continue!