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Haha, but nice job. One glitch I found is if you hold space when jumping up into a ceiling, you stick on the ceiling for a period of time instead of being bumped back down

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I like it!!

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unless GmS2 has changed the way DS grids work, it should be compatible. Try opening the demo project in GMS2 to see for yourself!😊

For this program I've used Game Maker's default text features which I don't believe support any sort of foreign languages. If your messages don't display well in the demo, they probably wouldn't work in the full version. Sorry!!

Everything should be fixed, I just uploaded a new version of the program. So sorry you had to deal with all those bugs!

Oh my, nobody's mentioned these to me before! I will look into them ASAP.

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That's... bizzare. Nobody's complained about that before. Can you email me so we can work this out? adventuredungeondevs @ gmail.com

Hello, Sakurahan.

TalkTree is built to export dialog trees as data grids stored in INI files. As far as I know, RPG Maker is too limited to read these.

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Hey LLC,

TalkTree is a new program built from the ground up with new functionality and professional quality. This program is not associated with the original 2014 Dialog Tree Editor, so you'll have to purchase it separately.

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Sure thing! I've added the manual as a free downloadable demo file.

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I havent heard any other reports of this, J. Could you email adventuredungeondevs@gmail.com so we can investigate?

My favorite puzzle game ever. I love this!!