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Wings Of Bluestar

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Thanks for the good work!

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Cool stuff! looking forward to see this completed.

Hi there!

Shinu Real Arts here, the dev of WOB.

 thanks for the mention and the cool video, it was fun watching.

I noted all the feedback you've mentioned and we'll be working on it.

Here are things that you missed out, mostly because the tutorial is hidden in the bonus menu :/ , but as soon as you get a turret (blue item with a plus), you can rotate them using the triggers (more options on the hmm options lol), and when you get a shield (yellow item) you can launch it as a super attack by pressing B.

Thanks again and hope you'll have a better 2nd playthrought.

Shinu Real.

Thanks a lot for the shout-out and glad you like the game.

Hi everyone! Shinu Real Arts here.

Wings Of Bluestar is 2D hand drawn horizontal shoot'em up that combines core arcade gameplay with modern home console features, like a story mode in a visual novel style with dialog choices, trophies, artworks to unlock using in game collected points, new game modes to unlock like the Boss Rush etc.

For more details, please visit game page here: