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didnt think of this as having a lovely quality but im glad you enjoyed it ^.^

i'm glad you liked it!! this is really high praise for me haha

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Oh that's such a cool idea! something like that was definitely an inspiration for the game, but a full custom reading generator would have probably been hard to for the jam lol

the cards were definitely biased towards their relevance to this reading but im glad they were able to give a new perspective to their meanings!

As soothing as drinking warm tea. Thanks for making this.

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Veryy cute game, it was super fun to explore all the areas, and I loved how the tarot themes influenced the game both textually and a subtextually!

Also damn... Maybe one day I'll become a keybitch warrior

soooo beautiful, I'm in love with that giant eyeball. also the divination method is rly cool

I love it. 10/10 pulsating orbs

Aw, thanks for playing!!

Thank you !! The idea for the drawing was my main inspiration for the game so im glad it turned out ok!

Yes i just updated it haha. And honestly you're not far off!

I love it

This is so awesome

it is sad but also! depending on how you interpret it,  could be hopeful? 

Thank you for playing!! Im glad you enjoyed it!!