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No it costs $26.95

Amazing game, very fun to play! The artstyle and music are great! Keep up the good work :D

I would pet all of them as long as they're good boys!

Cool game, fun to play. Keep up the good work! :D

Great game, I really liked the artstyle and music! The last level is very difficult, so be prepared or you're going back to the shelter!

cool game, lots of good boys

10/10 would pet again

Great game, would play again!

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This game is very fun to play, it has quite a lot of stuff to do. The animations, art style and even sound effects (including music) are well made. Highly recommend for anyone to play this, can't wait for it to come out on Steam!

Also, I would like to know what does the 'System' button in the menu do? Maybe I haven't played the game enough to figure it out :D

This game is absolutely amazing, but to make it better you could add more stuff to the game so it doesn't become repetitive. Other than that, the art, music and game itself is really well made, thank you for making this! :)