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Ok didn't know it can still receive inputs didn't really even think of that to be honest I will fix that. 

1. Didn't think about that I will fix that for the next build

2. I will mess with the gravity scale a little to try and fix the floatiness. With the horizontal movement I made some improvements and I think what feels off to you is that fact that as soon as you stop pressing on the key the cube immediately stops. I did this on purpose to make the movement a little unique.

3. That's a good idea I will do that for the next build.

4. Agreed, this is still just a demo so I haven't spent a whole lot of time on the music. I plan is to add an instrument for each color that is added so the level 1 music will stay about the same but the others will have more to it.

5. Why not use Time.timescale = 0 for pausing? Do it cause problems for the game?

The game is a long way from being released on steam. This is just the demo, it will be much better when it's time to release it on steam and I am proud of what I have done.

I really enjoyed this game. I wasn't able to beat it but I didn't see that ending coming!

I really like the concept of the game.

That was fun! I wish there was more to play but I understand that there wasn't much time to make more of it.

Sometimes when it looks like I hit the hexagon things it doesn't do anything. I could be wrong or maybe I'm playing it wrong and your not supposed to do that, not really sure.

The lighting of this game is very well done.

The game feels great!

the game feels great!

I appreciate the feedback, I'm guessing that you can probably tell that this is the first game that I have made. I think you're right about a lot of what you said and I plan on fixing a lot of these issues in a future update. I wanted to make the game challenging and not punishing because like you said video games were created to be enjoyed but it seems like I missed the mark. For the movement I followed a fairly simple YouTube tutorial that I think was a good starting point but not a good final product. I'll do some more research or in other words watch more YouTube videos on how to improve the movement system. On level 2 you can actually jump on all of the platforms without bouncing off the enemies some of them are just very hard to do. But once again I think I made it too hard and should add something to make it a little easier. I also need to do a better job at making things more clear for the player so they know what there supposed to do. Once again I appreciate the rant and I will try to make the game more enjoyable.