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hopefully those will be added for  the full release v1.0

also i'm sorry if I sounded harsh. sometimes I forget i'm reviewing games that humans made.

it's generally ok that you only had time to do that. I was freaking out as well. I guess i just looked at my game and thought it should be like that. The game is still somewhat fun though. Just doesn't keep you playing like the general clicker game would

oh yes that's what I meant sorry

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I became bored without a goal. At least add achievements.  I beat it too easily. Unbalanced, Unoriginal, and Unfun. 

Also the dice icon's sprite is glitching and its collider is way off.

Please don't take this as hate, it's just constructive criticism.

btw this is the best rating i've given a game so far.

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Hilarious and Original Concept, but very tedious and not even a minimal reward for finishing, just a wall and text.

I would play this if the graphics were more clean, I did'nt have to press B every 30 seconds, and the game was longer. I feel like more could be achieved with 48 hours.

If you do improve this game and try to implement feedback, I will definitely give it a go.

4 star overall. a pretty nice game. not sure I'd pay for it if it was paid, but only because its not my type of game.

it is a bit too tricky to figure out how to win. but greatly presented and very original.


i got 35. very fun game.



ye, but hey at least we tried.

It won't go well if u don't add Windows download lol

I made a similar game lol. 

But yours is a very good game.

Btw what engine did you use?

nice game man - @williamdoro