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William Tumeo

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Thanks o/

Nice concept, loved it <3

Love art and animations, nice job!

Probably yes, but I'm not the artist of the case. 

The gameboy case is a study for the Vier Legend game. 

There is no gameplay, but I liked the graphics. Nice try!

Simple, but it was a good try for a first godot game. Good job!

A bit difficult at first but once you get the hang of it it gets really interesting and challenging. Nice job!

Yeah, I forgot to implement it :|

I'll keep it that way for now and change it only after the end of the game jam votings.

Wow! I'm in love with this game <3 

(also got stuck on level 23 :v )

I liked the look and feel. Nice job!

I took a while to understand how to play but I liked the game a lot, great job!

Simple but cute :3

Great tribute, good job!

Nice game! 

The game is a bit short but I loved the concept o/

Sorry @dibuzapping.

I think it's an issue with Fedora but I can't compile other template now, I'm out of the gamedev for 2 months :/

Great, I liked the game mechanics.

The graphics are simple but very well designed.

Thanks Frederick and ProfessorMunchies o/

Making this game was a great challenge.

I used the Godot engine for the first time and made the game in 5~6 days (for a short time almost did not to send the game to jam)

If I have time I'll fix the problems, especially the balance problem. Unfortunately I can not add anything to the game because art does not depend on me.

Also, I uploaded the zipped version, thanks for the warning.

Replied to vex in Tank GB comments

Godot Engine has a problem with executable icons in Windows build.

Issue on GitHub : https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/1211

Me too o/

320 :)