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William Tumeo

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OMG It's a pixelart game with perfect pixel positioning! I thought they were extinct :O

Has science Godot gone too far?

IGN 7.5/10 Too much hotdogs :V

I still have plans to localize the game to English. I explained about it in a devlog. 

And I'm glad to know that my project helped you,  Percent visible is really useful. 

I will try translate the game today.

Thank you for your interest!

This game is looking amazing! I really love it <3

Unfortunately it's not running very well on my pc (less than 30fps) :/

My pc specs:
Windows 10 x64
Intel i3 3.2GHz
ATI Radeon HD5450 (it's low-end but it can run some recent games)

Unfortunately I'm still not using Godot 3 so I can't help much :/ 

I only know that the texture import system is very different now.

Hi all!

A few weeks ago I wrote a short guide-article on *everything* you need to know to start using Godot Engine for pixel art games.

I know a lot of people prefer to use Game Maker for this type of game, but I think it does not cost anything to know other tools, especially since Godot Engine is better than Game Maker in many ways, like usability and scalability (and it's free and open-source).

The article was published on Medium: https://medium.com/@tumeowilliam/godot-engine-and-pixel-art-a-better-love-story-...

I hope this is helpful to someone.

Thanks o/

Nice concept, loved it <3

Love art and animations, nice job!

Probably yes, but I'm not the artist of the case. 

The gameboy case is a study for the Vier Legend game. 

There is no gameplay, but I liked the graphics. Nice try!

Simple, but it was a good try for a first godot game. Good job!

A bit difficult at first but once you get the hang of it it gets really interesting and challenging. Nice job!

Yeah, I forgot to implement it :|

I'll keep it that way for now and change it only after the end of the game jam votings.

Wow! I'm in love with this game <3 

(also got stuck on level 23 :v )

I liked the look and feel. Nice job!

I took a while to understand how to play but I liked the game a lot, great job!

Simple but cute :3

Great tribute, good job!

Nice game! 

The game is a bit short but I loved the concept o/

Sorry @dibuzapping.

I think it's an issue with Fedora but I can't compile other template now, I'm out of the gamedev for 2 months :/

Great, I liked the game mechanics.

The graphics are simple but very well designed.

Thanks Frederick and ProfessorMunchies o/

Making this game was a great challenge.

I used the Godot engine for the first time and made the game in 5~6 days (for a short time almost did not to send the game to jam)

If I have time I'll fix the problems, especially the balance problem. Unfortunately I can not add anything to the game because art does not depend on me.

Also, I uploaded the zipped version, thanks for the warning.

Replied to vex in Tank GB comments

Godot Engine has a problem with executable icons in Windows build.

Issue on GitHub : https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/1211

Me too o/

320 :)