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Story - A Game Made With Doodle Studio 

(Based on the characters of some friends)

Bingo was on a cheerful adventure, seeking a magical artifact to save the world, in standard heroic fashion! All was going according to plan, with the adventuring party nearing the mountain where the final battle would take place.

However, things take an unexpected turn when the antagonist, Bingo’s mother, appeared in a path within the woods one day. She had been driven to become a sinister figure by events in the past. She appeared with several other beings, never seen before by Bingo.

Before long, Bingo was captured, and his old friends were left behind. These new villains are revealed to have arrived from seperate fictional worlds. They have banded together to begin the destruction of their own worlds. This will be followed by the control and maintenance of one final world of perfection, based on the one Bingo has lived all his life in.

This group has seemingly been identified as Negation. They constantly claim the heroes’ uncontrolled lives would be dangerous to society. They insist that the end of these stories would be a small price to pay to make sure no one is hurt, and that the destruction of the other inferior worlds has already improved “the situation”.

Hurt by what? And what is “the situation”? None of this seems to make sense… Yet someone in Negation can see something very distant...and very disturbing.

At this point in time, Negation has almost succeeded in the mission. As Bingo’s mother still wants to ensure the safety of her son, he has been taken away to a tower for his own safety as the final world is “adjusted” to fit within Negation’s desired parameters.

However, Bingo doesn’t give up, and neither do his several new friends as they try to escape the grip of Negation! Together, they escape, and attempt to restore what has been lost due to mindless fear.  

(Information on friends' characters featured:)