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whem my weeg!

Have you downloaded the demo project for it? I'd recommend using that as a base. You should be able to find the first person camera in there rather quickly

spin spin spin!


I'd recommend RPG Maker MV + the MV3D plugin. The plugin is super easy to get working properly and has a lot of documentation.

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Really fun. I'd make it slightly more clear that you have to kill all of the enemies to progress. When I did the first screen, I assumed that the goal was just to get to the exit. I love how some of the puzzles are reaction based.

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X is a very hard button to reach while you're using wasd. I'd suggest using the arrow keys instead. Make sure your enemies are rotating from the center instead of a point on the edge of them. Also, you need to be more clear about what paths lead to a new screen and which don't. I would recommend having edges of screens that don't go anywhere blocked off

Not bad. The thumbnail picture really caught my eye and so that's why I chose to play it. Could not for the life of me figure out level 5.

Really cool style. The fish is a little nauseating, but not that bad. It be nice if you could move forward with up and back with down

among us

Is it still worth the investment? I want to get this but don't know if it will work with newer versions of Unity. I definitely don't want to sink $45 finding out.

Got to a hundred pikmin. Game has been won

I think you should've made it so there was a quota for number of coins. Asking for perfection with clunky controls is more frustrating than challenging

Yeah, think it might have something to do with the kit I used. I definitely wasn't worried about making the game look pretty and it shows ._

Jumping feels a bit floaty and camera movement is way too sensitive. I really love the bunny model though

I really love the little wizard guys, they're super cute. I don't like how the combat boils down to spam the strongest attack you have, definitely could've benefited from some stat buffs or debuts. Also, the HUD for the enemy covers it up.

It might be a problem on the kit I used's part. If I go back to this, I'll probably make the gun behaviors myself, so it hopefully won't be a problem.

The gun was always there, I played around with lighting more and that's probably why you can see it a lot more clearly

Controls really nice and I did have a bit of fun with it. However I wish more of the ledges would be able to be scaled using the jump as its annoying waiting around for the energy meter to recharge. Also, I wish there was infinite retries instead of continues.

Unity has a free asset called standard assets that contains a first person controller. If you wanted a quick fix I'd recommend using that :)

I really like the idea of a power rangers rpg. However, I do have a few problems. For one it was kind of jarring being instantly tossed into gameplay with little to no idea on what to do. The control scheme could be a lot better, maybe use the arrow keys to move around instead of z and v. 

I really like the animation for the mallet and how hectic it is trying to fish with 5 enemies coming at you. I did find it a bit confusing that the portals for the enemies had fire looking colors and I think it could be more clear that you don't have a fish at the start. I'd also make a more natural border around the play area, such as rocks.

The game has this odd vibe to it that I really like, especially with the structure near spawn and the trees. Movement was a bit too slippery and I feel like the squirrels could've been a color that sticks out more from the environment (like a red or a brown).

If you show a little bit of skin after the bracelet, it'll look like one

I always love retro styled fps games! Did find a bit annoying that you don't start with full health and that there's no audio or visual indication that you're taking damage. I find it funny that it looks like the main character is wearing a sweater to me :D.

Felt the first few levels were a bit boring, the environments make the enemies a pushover. But the boss was really fun, you can't just spam projectiles because it'll spawn an overwhelming number of enemies. I think you should've introduced the projectile enemies in a past level and just had the boss spawn chasers though.

Love the movement of the duck's head and sounds, but everything is a bit too big

I really like the the hand drawn looking artwork, keeping track of all 4 characters is a bit overwhelming. Maybe the jump could be a bit more floaty to compensate for having to control all 4

I really like the running animation, the motion blur on it looks really cool. But the collision when switching animations is a bit buggy

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you move very, very slow so you might have to hold down the keys for a bit

You can move around (interactivity) and there’s a win state. It’s not a good game by any means but it’s a game nonetheless 



very fun

I'd give the player a minute to learn the controls before sending two enemies at them. Also give them a health bar/indicator. Controls feel ever so slightly awkward (maybe change the action buttons to the arrow keys?). 

Button icons look weirdly aligned, the buttons and shadows look quite pixelated, the assets do look a bit miss mashy (which is fine when doing little quick starter projects), and the lighting is way to bright it seems.