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As long as you have an account, which you have, you won't have to constantly buy it. Just click on your account and find were your purchased games are stored, then continue from there.

If you return to this page, it'll still ask you to pay up, so do it from your profile if you own the game.

The plot sounds interesting. I'm going to give this a try when I can!

owo, early release?

*Picks up my pitchfork*

Oh, shiny!

I've just bought the VN and I think it's amazing! Great job/work!

Cannot wait for the next update!

Might give this a try later!

Hey! Don't swat it out so positively! We gotta protect the little boi!

Owo, you gave us early gift?

It's when Jun follows or meets you in tennis practice or something like that. You're in the changing room during the massage.

Shoichi is too pure to do bad things. (except forcing them to eat his food, but that is unknowingly a bad thing because he has no idea how ba... good his food is)

DownLoadable Content - basically a addon, a extention, to a game providing extra content, without interrupting the original gameplay.

I believe his question is this: Do you know anyone with the same behaviour as Jun?

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Edit: Just finished. Was a bit confused at first, since I only saw 3 hearts and thought that I have to reinstall the game. I was wrong. Day 13 doesn't count as a heart in his route, which I had no knowledge of, but I can't complain, since I choose different routes to reach CS. I love this Shoichi Update though. (I kinda want a Yuuichi showering CG now, with loads of fog and sweat)

Also, what will come in the next update? I saw you had it uploaded on Patreon, but I aint one of your Patreons... Yet...

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Holy crap, first time playing the game (that I kept off from playing for a while, because you know... I like to watch anime, but now I regret putting it off) and I love it! There is so many happy moments and I just love all the characters! Can't wait for Shoichi update to come!