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Adding to description but I'll link it here too = D 


Thank you for playing!

I was able to get the blue man out of the game if I dragged him fast enough before the first level's tutorial image but I didn't intend to. Also I'm not very good at this game lol

There is a bug where if you go to the right and up in the second room you skip to the ending. Otherwise, really interesting!

Your game was really creative and cute! I liked the inventiveness of different  ideas and I never thought I'd be so afraid of a bug with a crazy eye haha

I really love the use of screenshake as you exit out

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Really lovely

I wasn't able to replicate after the first try, but I was able to jump out of the last level without triggering the win screen

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I enjoyed it. I think the enemies end up coming after you a bit too quickly after you start and it becomes difficult to get full control at first. Honestly it was fun and simple and fit the jam. Good job