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I got a few letters twice in a row and I didn't understand the objective until I went and checked the gamepage. The character sprite was well done and I like the idea of climbing and jumping around but perhaps instead of putting the letters in the order they were collected,  it would be more fun just to have them fill in the spots of the word.

Certainly an interesting concept, but charged shots don't really do anything but create a larger blast so in most cases I just shot tons of smaller shots. The game is simple but also frustrating. A single touch from the enemy takes you back a level or two and it doesn't feel as challenging as it just sorta feels boring when that happens. I can see you doing more with this concept but it definitely needs health stats or something

Not sure if I missed it in game, but I had no clue I could climb poles at first! There are many bugs, but that is very understandable for the time we had. I think the art and sound directions were really good! Nice work overall!

You have a good attitude about it! Good effort and I hope to see more from you!

It was pretty cute and the art was nice but I wasn't matching all 4 but I was still progressing? Not totally sure how? In any case I thought it was nice but simple. Quick note, if I clicked play after winning, it wouldn't actually start the game again!

Yeah I was on a big Pikmin binge lately and wanted to see how well I could create a game like Pikmin in the time limit! It was a ton of fun! And I think it was smart for you to go easier AI rather than too hard of an AI! 

Pretty simple all around but fairly cute and short and sweet

Certainly pretty but really not much of a game! Seems like a novel concept and some fantastic art style direction if you decide to keep going with this one!

Pretty fun RTS! I won but it is pretty easy when you just divide and conquer then close troops in on the enemy. I was impressed with the overall amount of models animations and mechanics you finished! Our games are actually a tad similar in some ways! Good work!

Sometimes landing on a box would kill me and sometimes it was the only way to survive. Kinda finicky and hard to play.

This was really creative and unique! Very well done! I like the platforming element to it!

I found the concept and the fact that you went for a multiplayer game very inspiring! I didn't get an opportunity to play online and without that I feel that it perhaps falls a bit flat. Quite a few leaps of faith and bullet sponge enemies. Still impressed with the animations and dedication to creating an online multiplayer experience in such a short amount of time.

Please include that on the controls of your game page! Gonna go back and play now!

I didn't really understand the purpose of what I was doing and I found the theme relevance to be a bit of a stretch. It seems like an interesting concept but needs a bit more

I pressed every button, clicked everywhere, but I couldn't escape the title screen.. Not sure what the issue was? I played at multiple different resolutions and got the same results. Sorry guys.

I was incredibly confused before and after reading the controls. I appreciate the originality and memes, but game done got did done broke. Good effort

Adding to description but I'll link it here too = D 


Thank you for playing!

I was able to get the blue man out of the game if I dragged him fast enough before the first level's tutorial image but I didn't intend to. Also I'm not very good at this game lol

There is a bug where if you go to the right and up in the second room you skip to the ending. Otherwise, really interesting!

Your game was really creative and cute! I liked the inventiveness of different  ideas and I never thought I'd be so afraid of a bug with a crazy eye haha

I really love the use of screenshake as you exit out

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Really lovely

I wasn't able to replicate after the first try, but I was able to jump out of the last level without triggering the win screen

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I enjoyed it. I think the enemies end up coming after you a bit too quickly after you start and it becomes difficult to get full control at first. Honestly it was fun and simple and fit the jam. Good job