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F, thanks for playing!

The growing animations are very satisfying to watch, and the raining mechanic is juicy as all get out. Hope to see this finished some day!

I'm gonna go ahead and use them. I guess too bad if I get disqualified or whatever, its probably fine

I'm terrible at making SFX, is using (and crediting) SFX downloaded from youtube okay?

really? I just tried it out setting them all to static and team 1 won the second round


The hacking minigame is wonderfully designed. I really enjoy how it mixes up the gameplay with some real time elements, and when you start to run out of time the frantic second guessing on whether you should bail out or try to solve it still is very exciting. Well done! I still play this now and then

ah fuck I can't believe you've done this

Oh my god, I decided to play this because it won and this game absolutely deserved the number one spot. Humor, music, SFX, gameplay, story, everything was 10/10

Overall a decent submission. I would recommend using a box collider instead of a capsule collider for the player and adding more ground detection raycasts. Also, the pencils should have their sprite import settings set to Point (no filtering) so that they are not blurred

I was unable to play this properly because the screen constantly jittered incredibly fast, and when I died the game crashed. It seems like it had the makings to be a fun game though

I was unable to play this properly because the screen constantly jittered incredibly fast, and when I died the game crashed. It seems like it had the makings to be a fun game though

Thanks! I had a blast making the sound effects. The music was made by a friend of mine, his Spotify link is in the description. I'll give your game a second shot lol

Yeah, I'm super dissapointed with the movement too. I should have spent more time on it. Thanks for playing!

This game has 10/10 art and decent sound, but where it shines is the gameplay. Timing the x and z hits was super satisfying, and the beatdown to chomp combo was fun to figure out. It got old during the hotdog fight though, and my fingers started to hurt. 

I do not know if there are checkpoints, because whenever I died I would get this error:

It sucked having to restart after the totally chad wimpy kid aced me, but overall this was very fun. The story at the beginning had me in tears!

This game was a goddam masterpiece. Doom clone Schmoom clone, who cares.


-Enemies violently enact social distancing, attacking if you enter a radius of ~6 feet. 

-Sound effects made me crack up whenever I got hit

-Art fits the theme and captures the ms paint aesthetic wonderfully


-Making it playable in web browser would be convenient

-Getting stuck on enemy hitboxes kind of sucked

-A minimap would have been nice

I rate overall 5/5. One of the most enjoyable games yet

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I ragequit after getting to the first white platform. The music is BEAUTIFUL and the art fits, but oh my heckling god, the movement made me want to cry

If this is made with Unity, I'm betting that your code looks something like this:

    if(Input.GetAxis("Vertical") > 0){

    //move forward


This is unwieldly, because it means there is a delay between when you let go of the forward key and when your character actually stops. Instead, it would be better to use Input.GetAxisRaw() which instantly goes back to zero when the axis is let go.

Additionally, the narrow field of view meant I always had to look down to see the platforms, which felt clunky. If you changed these two bits, you would have a truly well made game! If I had the patience, I probably could have beat it. Not before I would have been in danger of tilting so bad that I fell over, though. Good job on this!

Hold shift to run!

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I cannot run this. In Firefox it just loads a black screen, and in microsoft edge I get this bug:

This is such a hilariously drawn game that I have to give it a good rating, but one killer bug is that the "Game Won" UI popup is active from the beginning whether or not you proceed. I played it anyway and enjoyed myself, I wish you could have found that bug in time :(

Stuck on the first level, it appears that the red splash zone is off screen. Zooming in and out of the page does not help

This was incredibly difficult. It was a good game, but super laggy on my computer. Every couple of seconds it would freeze, and the framerate was very low. Anybody else experience this?

Its a beautifully abstract game, but I found it annoyingly difficult to navigate. Overall 4/5

Interesting gameplay!

"Failed to load mono" error. Cannot run :(

I cannot run .love files, could you upload a .exe?

It was made in MS paint, but I couldn't really get a close shot of them while also keeping the whole game in frame, which was one of my goals. Thanks for playing!

Unfair for somebody of your talent to submit such a masterpiece to a small game jam. You'll overshadow all of us!

That was delightful! I can see that it has potential for much more content, I bet that if you made many more levels and introduced a couple new features you could even sell it on steam for a few bucks.

Oh, and I would love bug reports! 

Hey deets, 

If the bug was that deleting an object while aiming it with the f key, I know about it now and am working on a fix. Thanks for playing the game. Hopefully it will meet your expectations in the future

Could use some polish of course, but this is pretty solid!

Thanks, I did the same for your game :)

sorry it took me so long to respond, I love your game! On a side note, all of the comments on my game are quite positive but I got a lot of one star reviews. Do you think it was from people voting down other games so theirs would be higher? Did you see anything similar?

Reminds me a lot of Super Crate Box. I love it! The music and art is very cute, did you make it?

I downloaded it and tried setting hotkeys to activate it but it was super annoying. Is there a way to make it detect when a game is started or something? I guess I just have to get used to using it

How did you get that video overlay? I want revenge ;)

I did a shitty speedrun of your game

Huh, I wonder why the link doesn't work... Well, glad you liked it! The presentation of the main menu could def have been better

This game surprised me a lot. The music and art at first glance were off putting, and I was expecting a boring, upsetting and confusing game. But, after reading the controls and messing around a bit, I discovered that this game has some VERY cool mechanics! Balancing whether to use your bullet to make yourself into a stepping stone or to clear the path for your next character was very fun, and making sure there weren't too many zombies was great!

You should take the time to rebuild this from the ground up and make a truly good game. With polish, this could be awesome!