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That level, like most of the others, is very gimmicky. The idea is to place three directly on top of one another, which is very easy to do if you simply do not move your cursor. It should have been one of the last puzzles and had a hint or two, I'm sorry :)

Sorry I took so long to check this page! Yeah, my family also had the same problems with understanding the game, and in hindsight I should have taken a few hours to make a proper tutorial. Thank you for playing! This is some of the best thought out feedback I've ever had.

Very solid gameplay! Sounds are eeeh, but otherwise good stuff!

This is a neat concept, especially with some polishing. It was annoying when somebody was driven offscreen and i had to wait for the game to end to try again

Stunning job. Inspiring. You really deserved your position in the jam!

I feel like this suffers the same fate most of my games do: not enough instruction, not enough polish to justify the difficulty, and no audio options.

But that aside, this is awesome! I love all the animations you made, and the anticipation frames warn me of the boss's actions well. I made it to the second stage before giving up. However, I don't see how it fits the theme?

I had trouble understanding the controls at first, but after I got the hang of it this turned out to be a fun game! Great music, could use some more explanation and maybe moving your camera when in parachute mode?

Ill definitely add the actions over the keys like you said, and I'll make the death screen appear on launch as well. Thanks for playing!

The flying away offscreen was something I didn't have time to stop, sorry. The score is displayed after you die, but I suppose you never made it that far because of the whole off-screen thingy. oops

I'm definitely getting the feeling that the instructions were not sufficient. I was trying to go minimalist, but didn't make it minimalist enough haha. you CAN teleport multiple times, but it is on a cooldown indicated by the color of your orb. Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to make changes and publish a v2 at the end of the month :)

Mechanics are simple but suprisingly difficult. Loved the polish. However, once you get the balance down it gets boring. Maybe add orbiting planets to dodge as well?

I don't really see how it fits the theme, but it is quite fun! The graphics are... interesting, and I wish that there was a score and ammo indicator, but the gameplay was quite enertaining

I found this game a bit confusing and complicated. It would benefit extremely from a smart tutorial. Great idea for the theme though!

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Yeah maybe I'll make an improved sequel next year!