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oooh good to know, thank you!

Wow, this is the absolute neatest thing! I've never seen multiplayer employed like this in a game jam, and it's such a perfect idea that fits the theme so well. Thank you for the submission!

I love this idea! I think it would need a lot of balancing to be truly a good experience, but the idea at its core is very clever

Really fun movement :)

Really fun puzzler! I wish it was more zoomed in, but the game was challenging and interesting and the art/music/sfx were pleasant

This is a really good idea for a game. I think it would be better if piece rotation was implemented, but it was still a really fun challenge to try and keep the two wells from piling up too far! Very clever

Wow that last level was a doozie! Really cool take on platforming, it made me feel like a fish out of water (hah) losing control and getting desperate as my meter ticked down. Theme adherence wasn't that strong to be honest, but it's still a great entry!

Thanks for playing! Ofc I'll check out your game, I always play and rate everybody who comments on my submissions :)

That's a pretty good solution, thank you for explaining it to me! I think I'll have to mess around with systems like this, it's really fun to play with

Really really good gameplay and art! I would have loved to be able to read the radio transmissions but I was too busy trying not to lose. What I did get to read was good!

The mechanics are a wonderful bit. Linking cars works great, so does your blobs working as both hp and ammo. Loved this

I also got confused by the "coins" haha, it took me "picking them all up" after clearing a room and losing half my health to realise

This is, in my opinion, the groundwork for a marketable game. The core idea of building out a level could be made a little more cerebral by having adjacency bonuses and similar mechanics, and I think the combat would need some work, but this is very very good. Thank you so much for participating in the jam and making this game!

this is SO GOOD! I'd love to have some insight into how you accomplished the fluid mechanic. Especially converting liquids. Is it just every liquid particle talks to its neighbors, or do congealed blobs count as one parent entity?

This game is beautiful! The actual puzzles weren't mind boggling or anything, but the presentation was off the charts good

This was fun and inventive! Very very hard though, and  I would have preferred arrow keys for one arm and A,D for the other when it came to controls

Really well made game! The blood splatters were brutal but the gameplay was solid

Good mechanics! The level complete sound was pretty painful though

Ahh! I want this to be finished so bad, the text was so pleasant to read and the room is mwah, love it

This was pretty decent! Definitely fit the theme, reminds me of redstone

This is a really well polished and thought out game. I found it very difficult to keep track of the mouse but that was certainly on me. A good challenge!

This is a pretty interesting idea! I think that the clunkyness of combat kind of ruined it for me though, especially being frozen while attacking was very hard to deal with

Wow, this was a really good puzzle game! The core mechanic is interesting and instantly easy to understand. The progression in difficulty was smooth, but still too steep for my monkey brain to finish. Love the sfx too! Well done

The art was endearing! I really liked the mechanic of succing souls. I got stuck on some geometry after clearing ten rooms though and never got to see the boss :/

Thanks for playing! Darn, I'm still getting used to Godot's screen settings. Did you try zooming in and out of your browser

This concept is simply awesome!! I felt a little hindered by the fact that after a certain train length I couldn't make any more money, and that it was hard to tell how much each cart cost. Still, very very good entry

I liked the mechanics! Good difficulty level, just a little short

Wonderful presentation! Dancing with the cloud dragon was beautiful if a little too difficult imo. I got the ending where the villagers stop working haha

Not a mistake at all, thank you for helping them figure it out

thank you for playing!

Speaking of scope, I really wanted explosive barrels that would be set off by the welder but ran out of time. If I ever go back to this idea that'll be one of the things I add along with your idea of un weldable barrels

thank you :)

Thanks for playing! Yeah this was way jankier than I wanted it to be

I liked this for what I played, but couldn't progress after falling down into a pit.

Wow! Just wow. This entry is awesome! From polish, to sfx, to gameplay, to the BOSS TITLE INTRO! That moment was awesome.

Two gripes though: The boss is really really hard, so not having a checkpoint soured the experience when I died to it. Also, It feels like the orb should deal damage as you pull it back towards the player. I got used to it not doing that after a while, but it would still be neat.

This was janky as hell but I really love the idea! Obviously it could use a lot of polish, but the inherent hilarity of having 6 arms rotating around my zombie's head was awesome!

Next time you participate in a game jam, I highly recommend making a WebGL build and publishing that instead. When people don't have to download files, they are much more likely to check your game out

This is a really really good submission! I love the juicyness of it all, and the way chains of linked enemies explode is really cool. 

One thing I think would make it that much better would be if score was based on breaking chains, and for every link in a chain you broke all at once, the score you got from that chain was multiplied. That would incentivize risk/reward behavior of allowing long chains to form for a higher score

5/5, almost got stuck with the explodable wall but made it through in the end!

This was awesome! Great comedy with how movement is handled, really solid tension building with the beeping.

About the beeping, was it purely time based or checkpoint based? I have a feeling it was the latter, and all the better for it. Very clever!