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I just gave a try in my phone, work well! Will be cool if the shells would appears randomly.

Anyway good work!

Really enjoyed to play your entry! Are you going to improved it?

Totally the kind of work that give me to want to try Pico8!

Looks like a totally awesome asset considering the size of the tiles!

Really good job with the camera and the 3D effect! 

So, I figured out that you can change characters by editing the exported HTML file. I've made changes in the fontdata var to support these accented characters: à é è ê ï î ô ù ç Ç

If you are interested you can find my fontdata here:

Maybe you can send us your imported file, so we can try and maybe figure out the problem!

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Do someone know how I can handle accented characters in dialogs? as my game will be in French too I got some issues with accents:

In the image above the sentence is "Vous avez trouvé une clef !", as you can see the character é is missing.

Using the html code instead of plain é doesn't work. Neither with unicode.

Let me now if you think about a solution!