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 I think it needs music because the silence is weird, or at music in battles. I think moves miss too often. I think I found a glitch which was at the beginning of the game I straight away managed to get the ending. Now I have a key but can't find where to use it

Um what did i just witness, i died on the satan fight lmao coz i really need more mp tbh

I'm extremely disappointed because I was super excited to play the boy who cried turtle as the title is really capitivating but I cannot open the file as I do not know how to open it in Game_boxed.exe, couldn't you just export it like any other rpg maker mv game so I can play it and understand the chain of suicide! 

Played about 10 minutes of it now and I'm liking it, interesting concept, reminds me of the book Release by patrick ness which had a spirit in it looking for her killer. I like the art style and the parallax mapping with the lighting.

I like the moving parallex for the intro screen, interesting idea. 

Although on the first town map you can walk over some of the fountains and arch ways so you should look into fixing the tileset for that.

I like the idea of being able to buy potions in the bar

Maybe shorten down the poems as it is a lot to read

I got to the library and only found one thing to study and didn't know what to do next. 

I finished it today I only actually toke 21 minutes to complete it! Really fun  have been recomending it to my friends!

I have only just started playing about 20minutes of it and it was amazing! The music was so atmospheric and really made the game creepy!