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definitely just roommates. - wil/wiiSONdev

i mean this is a metriodvania game jam

its not really a Metroidvania

Oh hi discord friend

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I have come to a realization that even if i never even  finish the games I make for the MVM jam that this is the funniest one I know, I learn so much during these jams. (also first)

i use mac

Ahh man I can't play it.

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Could be a lot better with a dash

You are a cultist that is trying to summon a demon, over time your insanity goes further, and in the end, you are the last sacrifice to the fictional demon since I don't have time for the jam I am giving this idea out!

I would say playing this snappy game, it really reminds me of my own, the camera feels way to fast, and the level select and main menu are just MMM, you wouldnt mind if i took it, right?

na ill just make the game outside the jam, I get to make it differently themed then

my game is meant to be a survival game, and it would be boring with death and killing all the trees and enemys and stuff.

Can i set it up, it will make submitting on-time more likely.

I feel like i would enjoy a rouge-like from you.

I know I'm not in the jam but I did this every day for the past 2 jams. failing to finish the last jam and not being able to do this jam has made  me sad, so I will be doing my best next jam!

Spexxo, me, mekanisms(grey) and yesfu

Congratulations You are going to be in my hands! I am making dice and you along with 5 other people are going on the dev dice!

Holy fucking shit this game is the best pg fucking  game on the fucking internet I fucking love this shit so fucking much

When I saw game I was so excited to try out a game with the assets, to realize it was more assets.

nice game, you put it in the wrong thing. But to be real your packs are the best! and I hope to support you more.

Hello there. Maybe you could make music for my game.

We made a platformer. and thats it. today we are going to make art, and 1 ability. and the first part of the map.

a Metroidvania is a game with upgrades and a big open map. it does not state once it has to be a platformer

I have made an itch page for the game I hope to make for this MVM. If anyone wants to get Ideas from my page, then do so!

Katanza Idea

yep, and when I just started. it was the month I started.

mines dexxo

so there is this thing, called logging in an account into construct 3. that gives you 50 events and that's more than 25. also, look on my page all the things on it(other than a mod for a game) were made with  25-50 events. mostly less

Try construct. My friend who uses scratch moved to it with my help and he likes it.

Many things I learned are from accidents. Some things are when I open a project and just go ham to try to do that thing. Art on the other hand is the hardest part for me. Other than the animation process, it is something I struggle with. Exploring hand drawing would be fun. Maybe you could make a Paper background for the black and white so it looks like it's a piece of paper?

Hello kkairos, all of these goals are very good! Judging by your positive attitude you will be very active in the game dev community.  I did a quick look at your games, didn't play any but judging from the art the game will probably look good. Just a reminder, allows have fun. If you are working hard and not having fun then put what you're working on aside for a bit and work on something else.

I have participated in 2 MVM game jams, both were really fun experiences.  I have learned so much from them and I would love to hear about your reason to join. Mine is the community, everyone I have met during these jams is nice. They all love showing off progress and hearing mine. 

won first try

the controls could be better, being a dev myself and knowing how to make a wall jump really good in construct I could help.

funny thing to ask, but what made you chose that art style?

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ok then, I learned how to make doors, boxes with physics, better pixel art, better cameras,  save and loading system, and much more! how about you? edit:this is all with free construct, making it much harder to do most of this without getting a "you need to pay to use this thing" message

im the one asking


2nd run, got to god

the file that all the saved data for the game was deleted, and there was no backups :(