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I have a series on my channel in honor of my dog who passed this summer. Your game made me tear up, but in the best way! Thank you <3

<3 frick yes.


I've played about an hour and half of this game so far. Not loving the rape and sexual coercion, but otherwise, I find it really interesting and I'm enjoying it!

This game is cracking me tf up! I've been doing a playthrough of it on my ~adult~ gaming channel on pornhub lol!!

Cute but also hot game lol. Thank you!

Love this gem of a game! Sadly, was able to relate to a lot of it being a black girl/woman most of my life. Thanks for sharing your work!

Def love the art in this game!! Maybe I'll check out the game it's based off of now :) Thanks for sharing! 

LOVED THE GAMEBOY ART STYLE! I have a fish phobia, so there was an extra layer of fear for me! 

Got some good laughs playing this game! Can't wait to see more! 

so excited to play this! looks beautiful!

I'm getting stuck in Mr. Andersson's house. I can't find the phone at all! I've literally clicked every pixel in his house. Help!

ahh! my heart!! also, nice blink cover ;P I grew up on enema of the state, but self-titled is like so fuckin good! i had to listen to it after i finished this game <3

Truly CANNOT wait for the full version! <3

this was cute af. love this game! love mfm! 

So cute! I loved it!