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Wow, thank you! Glad you liked it.

I thought that might have been SFXR or BFXR. :)

Incredible... as soon as I read 'fucktupled potential' that I knew that the Mac was back.

I'm impressed by how much you achieved in the time -  pathfinding nav, level generation, nice look.

Hm, the flowers aren't drawing correctly and I'm having a hard time getting the turtle to keep turning through repeats - it doesn't seem to accumulate. I'm using turn, not turnto...

OS X version is working for me now :) Navigation was a bit confusing - it's much darker than the screenshots here. 

I played through three times. Love the crunchy sounds. :) I like the idea of this as a divination tool... the series of binary choices adding up to something like an I Ching hexagram.

Wow, it was definitely worth the effort you put into the art. The interactions are really good - the move forward/backwards and interact buttons are perfectly placed.

Ah good, you survived. I was in such a rush I didn't have time to balance it... I've played through a few times and got wins and losses, so maybe it's about right.

Thanks for playing. :)

I can run it, but only as far as an app icon appearing the dock... then it terminates. :(

This shows how HyperCard is a tool for making other tools. 

Is there way to remove links?

Awesome art!

(and two hidden cards)

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I didn't find this horrific at all, once I managed to communicate with the first shadow. But who were they... I don't think they were former inhabitants of the ship.

I liked the star faced shadow best. Drop shadow had the best name :)

Check that out

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Agreed. You're not the only one it was driving crazy.

It does support multiple channels, I'm not sure how they sound though.

I really liked hunting through the sigils in this.

I have a Shard of Truth! Now to work out what to do with it...

Everything about this is great! So much music too! My game had four notes.

Realised I could hold down the arrow key - it looks great!


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Great idea... is there a way into the bathroom?

I also like that you categorised this as a card game. :D

Finally, a decent cyberpunk saxophone game!

Ok this is one of my favourites too... it's in the true spirit of HyperCard I feel. :)

Wonderful characters. :) Will there be a GrimGrains cookbook one day?

Wow, you got a lot done in such a short time. Great world building - was this entirely made up for the jam?

Perfect idea for HyperCard! The art is great.

Surreal. :) 

We don't go left.

The ending still cracks me up :)

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This might be my favourite so far... I want to see more adventures in this world.

I named my shadow creature Baghri... dunno where that came from.

Still figuring out the editor.

"Not really" :D

I remember playing dreamy HyperCard games like this a long time ago.

I like the message  :)

Hyperlink poetry - awesome. :)

This works really well - great game idea! I'm impressed with how much you managed to do in the time frame!