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The camera of this game is too zoomed in, so you can't see what's going around you and every enemy seems like they spawn randomly.

The pictures look very pretty, but the game itself isn't very compelling.

The movement doesn't feel very good, it takes time to build up speed and it's very uncontrollable while moving. For the next game jam, I would also suggest you to make a game that is playable in browser (unity has a simple way to make browser games)

"Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk." For the next jam I would suggest you try to figure out how to run your games in browser.

I liked your game, it was easy to understand and the puzzles were the right difficulty for me (for a jam game). One thing I've noticed is that the blue box sometimes switches direction(level 2 go with red to the end and hold).

Is the "not a bug" the fact that you cannot move with w,a,s,d? The art is fine and the game is playable.

This game was nice to play. I did get some weird graphical glitches with tiles in the browser version. I liked the slinging mechanic, one thing I didn't like was the dialogue that stopped the game, because it was too frequent and the text was too long , especially for a platformer.

I liked the game's feature, where parts of the level fell off. What I didn't like so much was it's "difficulty", I had a feeling that the game is meant to be frustrating: 1.when you pick your first coin you fall down into a pit, 2.when you pick your second coin you jump into a spike, both of which are because of how the level "falls apart". Fortunately the game has a fast respawn system, which helps with the frustration. However the multiple jump system was just bad, it felt very uncontrollable. I would suggest you try to make a game purely around jumping, so you can improve on it.

Thank you for trying out the game ^^. I really appreciate it.

The visuals and sound of the game are really nice, however I thought the gameplay wasn't very engaging. At the start I didn't understand how to move the fairies, I just continued pressing skip my turn for two rounds. However after I figured out the controls I felt like the game became trivial. If the light came to close I just had to wait a few turns and then I had a clear path to other fairies. The game also felt slow to me (if you were going for a zen game this maybe isn't a bad thing). The path prediction looked really good, but it would probably be better if it would still show how far you can move even when you exceed your movement (like a combination of white and red path).

The game is very fun and you did an excellent job with the theme. I couldn't get past the 3. level. If you want to continue working on this game even after the jam you could try having infinite ammo or being able to move to see if these improve or worsen the game.

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. Maybe it would be more theme appropriate if you could only read through the text once, but I have a feeling that would make it less fun.

Thank you for trying out the game.

Thank you for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^.

Thank you for playing, we really appreciate it. And the game was designed so that you should read all the stories at least once before trying to answer. Our idea of "only one" was that you can look at only one person every time they speak (every character has 6 lines and they speak simultaneously). Some people think that defeats the purpose of "only one", which is understandable. But I think the game is more fun if you are able to replay the stories.

The game is engaging and easy to understand. Good job.

Thank you for trying out the game.

This was a really engaging game, good job.

The game art looks very good. As for the abilities themselves they don't feel very satisfying to use.

The game is ok, the art looks nice. I think the fighting ability isn't satisfying enough.

The arrow was a bit frustrating, but the aggressive ai was the bigger problem.

The graphics look nice, but to me the game felt unplayable.

The game is almost fun, but because your bullet is too fast and it also kills you it quickly becomes frustrating.

The game looks very nice and the basic movement is great. I would work on the interaction with wall mechanic, as it doesn't feel that great. And I think this isn't a game in which you should be limited to only one double jump per level. (if we ignore the fact that this was a jam game with the theme "only one")

Congrats on making a 3d game in Godot. 

Thank you for playing the game and giving feedback. I am glad that you enjoyed the game. As for the "only one" mechanic we were going for the fact that you had to keep all the information in your head/on paper as you listened to one person and try to put where his dialogue goes in the story. But I can understand if people don't think it fits the theme that well. 

As for leaving everything as it is and allowing you to only see the conversation once, that would fit the theme better, but in my opinion it would make the game more frustrating than it should be. But it would need to be tried to see if I'm right. Cheers.

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Why was it programmed so that the game tells you if you were correct in saying "that's what she said"? Wouldn't it be better if the game let you decide when you want to use the catchphrase.

The game is ok. Some spawn points would be nice.

I just spammed one button and it seemed like a winning strategy. The theme did make me a little bit uncomfortable.

The game is mostly holding d button. But the jumping looks ok.

This game was joy to play, After I finished the game I played it a second time.

Full disclosure, I have no idea who the creator is.

The game is actually pretty fun. Sound effects were a bit meh, but the door mechanic is very fun. Good job guys. Ps. don't put inside the game text, that says that you didn't have time to do art for your character. 

The music is ok the art is fine for a jam game.The game quickly lost my attention. Also the way you defeat the boss isn't very rewarding.

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Congrats, you have made a fun game. Your problems are: the pink troll doll doesn't look good, especially when put alongside better art. The text color is also not readable enough(even in the title picture). But the biggest problem is that this game has to be downloaded and it is 633 MB, that's insane (it takes 5 min to download). I suggest you try to find out how to get the smallest possible size for an UE4 game.

Very good sound, but I don't like the position of the camera, maybe try putting the character a little bit lower.

The presentation of the game looks really good. The executable file is hard to find in the folder. The mechanic is ok, but nothing special. Also the music is too loud.

Congrats on making your first game. I think the enemy is too fast, which makes the game very frustrating.

Congrats on finishing the game. Now for the critique: the sound is too loud, the visuals aren't very pleasing and the only weakness being water(pitfall) isn't very original or did anything special with the theme, But the movement and shooting are fun.

Game is nice, sound is ok, maybe a little too loud. From what I played the winning strategy is just to get the key and run to the door.