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Hello again Zaster !!! Today playing online with a friend it occurred to me to recommend "I`m observation duty" and while I was doing it I told him the only negative of the game, that there are only 2 levels and that he was "abandoned" in terms of updates ... suddenly I am very happy to know that it is not an update, if not that it is a new game aaahhh I am very happy that you work on this title and you have made me swallow my words about having it "abandoned" xD.
I would very much like to have you added on steam Would you add me?
Even if you don't, you should know that I want you to do your best with your projects, which I will follow in this same account hehehe

Hello Zaster, I am WhiteDeath, I have many captures in the section of Steam about your game and I come to communicate with you as I would like to ask for more updates since once passed the 2 houses completely there is nothing else to do (excluding easter eggs) Thanks and keep going <3