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It's as the name says a 2D collision with static walls, preferably with Tiles if possible from a Top Down perspective. I've tried the place.tile method with the this.xprev and even circumventing it but all I made stinks.

Thank you very much for the Reply :)

Sweet. I had it working. Thanks for the code, Sire!

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By player character, I mean the part where the "Character" is able to point its wand in the direction that the mouse is pointing at then release an attack from that. Will I need to use skeletal parts for this?

Thank you very much in advance. I'm a beginner at programming and I really love this game and the engine.

Disposable Magic can be found here.

Wow. Thank you very much mister Creator. Your reply was really helpful. And thank you for making this game engine, I really like it!

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Its as the title says. Do you guys know how I can access the property/variables of a copy from a different copy?

For example, I want to get the this.x and this.y values of "Player" Copy from "Asteroid" copy.