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lol this game is amazing. deff saving up for this one :)

i remember seeing this once, and I've been trying to find it for at least a year (forgor the title), and when i decide to download the pizza tower demo, this shows up. thank. GOD.

Amazing... reminds me of Data Wing a bit...


(tsk) Ahhh. Was really hoping i could play this on something that ISN'T a low-tier netbook...

Corebreaker community · Created a new topic Linux build?

WINE sucks. that's all i'm saying.

linocks demo pls (ignore my spelling)

Help the only one that works is the analogue pocket skin all the others just display the icons

chromebook chugs this game lol

oh it's not that i don't like it. I'm just wondering why it looked diffrient

Why did they change the art style in the steam version :(


Grand Dad Mania devs after life woke up: 

Adios Wormhole - Meming Wiki

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o i thought this was the full game. It's pretty polished already, but i guess it has to do with stuf like more enemies, more levels, ect. 

yoo this game is awesome and the soundtrack is a banger. Speaking of soundtrack, can you release it please?

Dug this one back up after 3 years cuz i remembered it in the middle of the night. Still badass as ever.

mug shot is OP

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super shake lol

also big siivagunner fan

jesus calm down

yeah lol here from toby fox

yeah jsr and jsrf were fast

uhh also linux cuzz i'm kinda just going off gameplay that i see (looks good, BTW) due to me being on not windows

yo this page is craaaaazyyyyy (also great job)

so basically there's this one small piece of the level, and i just got stuck there and couldn't progress. But now there's a spike in front of it so yeah. 

i'm stuck. literally.

thought so

yea. the ones that looked like they were from 2008 or something.

smells like dreamcast

Congrats on making the Top Platformer List! Your literally 3rd as of making this

Yeah. You say that retroarch is "Cross-Platform" yet chrome OS users are left squandering in their boring pieces of plastic.

Literally only me: But What About The Grey White And Black Textures!

Anyone know if the OST was released yet? Last i checked, it was private.

i actually played this in 2019 (or 2020 i can't even remember lol), and it was actually pretty good! I also scouted the lobby for memes, so yeah.

Your Welcome!


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Silvagunner brought me here as he did many

hello. can you make linux version please 

I've seen a lot of impressive game pages on this site, and only 1 lives up to this. But i just have one question...


The bobbing links, the custom mouse, just how did you do all of this!?

(And just to add, i just thought it was familiar because of the up scroll style, even though donkey kong kinda did that too) 

I didn't mean to make it sound toxic, and i personally think solo indie devs and just the community in entertainment period can overcome big companies. Heck, i even think that big companies usually make the biggest mistakes when it comes to gaming! Also, i can't even tell the difference between headphones!   

So it's basically like Tomb Of The Mask?