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There's at least 5 more updates to go. Not ending anytime soon.

My game passes rule 7 like other games with same young looking girls. But the mods just don't like me. Oh daddy and Such a sharp pain are good examples. No patch required.

Apk is android. I just marked it wrong sorry guys.

Un-install and delete old PF apps first. Also make sure you have at least 2gb extra storage space.

Halloween Update:
169 renders.
8 animations.
The update adds content to the current Halloween special. Play the special and you'll find it. Can't miss it. :)

The full downloads don't contain the special yet. I will update the links soon.

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Update 0.11 now out on Subscribestar. Will be available here on the 31st. Here's a few spoilers.

Next update 0.11 will be available here on itch on the 31st. Early access from subscribestar on the 21st.

Update 0.11: over 500 renders and 30 animations.

Update 0.10.5 is out to subscribers. The update will be free and available here on itch on the 27th.

Update 0.10.5 includes 514 renders and 31 animations.

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Releasing it a little early here for my itch followers. Happy proud father's day to the Americans and anyone else celebrating father's day today!! Happy regular day for everyone else ;)

SubscribeStar has removed public posts for some games that feature petite girls. Was not my doing. This is why I re-opened my itch page so I can at least share the game.

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Either way you spend $10 and get the game. But no paypal on subscribestar. Or wait till the 21st and download it free.

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New Update 0.10 is available for subscribers on SubsribeStar:
$40, $20, $10 tiers now.
$5 tiers on the 16th.
$1 tiers on the 18th.
Available here on itch on the 21st.

Update 0.10 has the following:
490 renders.
30 animations.
300 re-worked day 3 renders.
10 new animations added in day 3.

Total 790 renders and 40 animations.

Wow. This is old. The mod became part of the game. The walkthrough is now built in.

All specials are in the game. Click on the Xmas and Easter bowl on the main menu.

Those are the floating apples of Pandora...

...But thank you for pointing this out. I'll ground them in the next update :)

Hey mate. Be sure to delete any old version of the game. if you have opened the right game it should say 0.6g in the bottom right corner on the main menu

f95 have banned the game on their site. Even with a censored version. It was their choice not mine.

in the Easter special at the scene with doors. Find the baskets. Last one is hard to find... 

In free roam you can select the door at the back of the hallway to get to the back. There you can find the girls. Hope that helps mate :)

Hey guys. I'm putting the final touches on the update now. It shouldn't take me too much longer. Then I'll pass it over to shaddy to do his bit. I expect sometime tomorrow it should be ready. Thanks guys :)

Mostly cause these games take more than a year to complete. Some games take 2 to 3 years. And I personally wouldn't invest a year into something that might not pay off. Plus when most developers start they are like me and work full time and can only commit a limited time to making the game. Getting founded well lets us work on the game full time and also gives developers a chance to get better equipment and help to make there games bigger and better. You would see a fraction of these games if devs had to finish a game before making any money. That is the answer my friend :)

Because the mobile screen is small you can compress the images by a fair bit. Makes the file a lot smaller.

That's good. I was confused cause I never made a censored android version. Glad it's working and thank you :)

No it shouldn't be saying that. Can you send a screen shot please?

I'm not sure how the played on IOS. I'm think the used like an android emulator app. Not sure. But cause I don't do a release on IOS I'm not going to get upset if you play on porngameshub. I actually added a new feature to help with people not being able to keep saves after each update.

I am working on a web version here on itch. So I can offer early access to IOS users as well.

Hey guys. I'm waiting to here back from itch support as I need more upload space for the next update. Hopefully they get back to me soon.

In about 24 hours once it's free

Hey mate. It depends on how old your saves are. There are problems with saves from before day 3. But if you have made saves from the last 2 updates then you will be fine.

Also the gallery has 45 extra images you unlock by playing through the game. So you would need to play through the game again anyway to unlock the images. Unless you get the mod from shaddy on f95 or my discord. It unlocks the images for you. And it's free.

Hope this answers you questions. 

Can you message me on discord? And I'll give you a link.

Hey there. I have uploaded a new file which fixes this issue.  For pc and mac. I'm working on android.

Did you get the warning with the new uploads. 0.4.1?

I've heard some people getting the warning on pc too.

Mobile version coming soon guys

Hey there. As it says in info. It will need to be paid for for the first 10 days then it will be free. This is cause my subscribers pay monthly and get early access to the game. So I charge the same here for the early access.