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Really clever design!!!! Definitely super engaging and I really enjoyed playing! The idea is really well thought out and has a really good balance between being fun and challenging. Really great work!!!

I LOVE THIS!! The art/design is awesome!! Its really clean but with a lot of detail - the music is awesome and fits the game perfectly. 

The mechanics feel really smooth and feels so rewarding when you catch the bullet. I like that the aim is really accurate so you can focus on how your'e gonna quickly retrieve your bullet without getting bopped. 

Really enjoyed playing! Amazing job!

really neat game!!! I love the text/score animations at the end - it feels really well thought out and designed - the art is super cute and reminded me of zelda a bit, the sound design is also really well produced and is overall a really well made and enjoyable game!! great job!

Ah thank you so much!!!!! We're so happy you liked it!!! 

Absolutely! No problem :) Thank you again!!

Thank you so much!!!!!!! We really appreciate that!! And so glad you enjoyed playing!!! :D

Ah thank you so much for the amazing feedback!!! Oh brilliant! We're so glad you liked it and yeah we definitely appreciated checkpoints when play testing it haha! Yeah, totally agree with you, I would love to tinker with the environment style, yeah for sure! We want to keep working on it so I will definitely give that a go! Brighter would be great, and maybe will make it a bit more stylized. Ah we really appreciate that, thank you very much!!! 

Of course! I will do that now :D Thanks again!!!!!!!!

Ahh thank you SO much for playing!!! (we love your game! haha) ahh yes! it would have been tricky indeed! ha, we're glad you found it fun!! hope you get into the video!!!!! you deserve it :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Really appreciate you playing and the feedback :)

really enjoyed playing! visual effects are really cool and very unique and fun concept! nice one!

Really enjoyed playing this! Great adherence to theme too! The game really rewards you when you nail the level and progresses really fluently. The introduction of new game mechanics is really well integrated. The music is a bop! Loved it! Well done! :D

Fantastic art and design! Echoing what other people have said, would definitely play a full version of this!

cute game!! fun idea and the art looks really clean! nice one!

really enjoyed playing this! great interpretation of the theme, and thoughtful design!! nice one!

Amazing work! Really outstanding design and really addictive.

The game play is super engaging and fun and I love how getting to the exit gets super hard the more you move around to get the items - it really makes you plan and think about the whole process from start to finish.

(Also, love the colour). :D

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

ah thank you much!!! We really appreciate that!!!!!! :D

That's great news!! (We weren't too sure whether it needed a tutorial or not so glad it conveyed well!). Oh yeah absolutely, we'll defo wanna play around with that! 

Really kind of you! Thank you for the feedback and for playing!!

I really love this idea, I think it was a really thoughtful interpretation of the theme, well done!

The game is really enjoyable and  I personally really love games with everyday life aspects/concepts so it really appeals to my interest already ha. 

It definitely progresses and gets harder to remember peoples number but I really like that -  it's kinda like overcooked where you have to absorb all the info you can while under a time constraint, which is great! and makes it very rewarding when you nail it!

Really great art too! I love how the numbers light up, very cool effect. Music is a good choice too!

Really great game!! And thoroughly enjoyed playing :) Nice one! 

The visuals of this game are insaaane! They look a m a z i n g

It took me a moment to get used to the control but that's probably more a problem with me rather than the game ha, was really fun once I got it! The gameplay is really good with great player rewards coming from the camera zooms and animations that have clearly been very well thought out! And the orbit system is really smooth, I dig it :D

The side bar is really clear and fun, and I really like how all your movements are based around that - it's simple and looks really good!

Really great game and concept and presented beautifully, nice work!

I love the retro-ness of this!!!!!!!!

The art is awesome! The whole visual and colours of the game are very cool! It has its own unique style! (dark orange tones are a win!). 

The Morse code makes it really different and makes you really pay attention to what you're doing which adds a nice dynamic to the game, I thought the sounds were really good for that too. 

The levels increased in difficulty at a really good pace as well!

Overall a very cool game! Nice work! :D

ok, THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

The progression of difficulty was suuuper good!

THE ANIMATIONS ARE EVERYTHING! the slo-mo action shot / camera movement are so crisp and clean it made it so rewarding to see your character do its thing, and the little stance he does afterwards is brilliant and a really thoughtful detail.

I love the blood animation, again really rewards the player clear and fun visuals! All the colours have been chosen carefully and represent each thing nicely so you don't get confused which is nice work!  Its overall a very striking game! 

The gameplay was super fun and engaging, it gets trickier and the use of hostages as people you have to not hit was a really great addition. 

I would defo play a full version of this! Amazing job! 


ah thank you so much for playing! haha!! love it. We're super glad you liked it!!!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you much !!!

Totally with you on that -  they were supposed to be blue and green but I have seen on other screens they do look very similar!

Yeah for sure, I would defo like to make the environment have a bit more dazzle. Glad you like the checkpoints too! 

No, thank YOU for playing it! And we really appreciate the constructive criticism and taking your time to comment! Will defo take them all on board! :D

Strong aesthetic! Very heartfelt and earnest writing. Nice!

very cool design! challenging but fun at the same time, also loved the bop! :D

Had a lot of fun with this. Ran with the theme and had strong, striking visuals. Hints of Super Hexagon. Great work!

Great work here, really fun gameplay! 

Outstanding work!

cool game!  the music is such a bop too :D 

SOOO AWESOME! really dig the simple design, its really elegant and minimal with focus on the mechanics and gameplay, and the animations are smooth as heck, would play more of this. 5/5 :D

really enjoyed playing this! great idea for a game! nice one 

this is AWESOME! the mechanics are  solid, it's really gratifying to beat a level and gameplay is super good!

this is a cool game! the design is great and the animation of the characters is really awesome!

nice!!! I really love your art style! its a really charming game and the writing is really awesome too! 

this looks so cute! I love the art and colours <3

This looks awesome! Especially scarf kid! nice work!