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I kinda understand what u mean, and ill try it tomorrow bec I have Insomnia

thank you tho I hope I finish it soon, I love the story and I wanna see a real happy end

its a lot harder when English isn't ur language, I even use something to collect every word I write 

Help on dean's password?

now u told us after i spend 2 days to pass it :(

how can you be happy from 1 massage

it's not working

omg, me and vic having ibs, but how long does he have it? I'm in the year 8

the c

hey i just wanna to say i love ur game even if its simple, but i like the story

its doesnt work

those people, I really want 2 meet them face to face, ur an amazing person who gives us an amazing game and story to play, u don't know how really ur game helps me.                                                                                                                              like a real help, not even the therapist did help me like ur game, I'm happier than before, I start going 2 the gym, maybe some people will say: it's just a game it cants help people, well it did to me, if I start overthinking like every time every day, I simply thinking what if I was there, kinda like some videos on youtube.           but it helps me to think more positively and my anger becomes small every day.    so, thank you very much Kael, to make me happy again when everything was down to me, and before I did something really bad to myself.                                     ill help u with everything I can if u want me 2.

the end make my day better, im so so happy

ik its not the end, but u k what i mean