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AAAa i really wanted my 30k on the rank! I saw that you used C2 on it. Once I made a game on C2 with online ranking using firebase. Downloaded an API from a programmer (free one to use on everything, including comercial ones) and it was very usefull and easy to add it:  https://c2rexplugins.weebly.com/map.html 

OBS: i really liked your game! 

Thanks Mark for your feedback! I'll take all them to my group and refine/fix them. It was my first time doing 3D on a game, it was a good experience and a lot to learn!

Again, thanks for supporting us :)

I really liked how you wanted to tell this story. Many figures that we dont catch being part of our lives.
I think sometimes the animations takes to much time to end and pass to the another scene, it could make some people run from it. But it is what it is.

Again, happy to played it. Thanks. :)

I'm very happy to know i'm in this picture. I guess you are im mine now :)

Nice to see blender engine here! :) Loved the red ton too :)

After 2 minutes and more than 100 ghost killed, it started to lower framerate, dont know why. it makes so hard to play :/

It has a launcher :)

I didnt understand how to play it. Smashing "e" button in the lights made it darker one time, with something chasing me. After that, the game just closed. I tried again the same thing and it didnt work. After the 4th time passing through the door, it sent me to a darker place. and then the game stopped again :/

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When I jump, i cant see the floor anymore! :( Sometimes i dont needed to jump cause i think the character is to big and its fast that he didnt need to, just passed straight for it.Aand please, consider checkpoints! lol :) 

times'up and i didnt find any secrets :( Went smashing spacebar on every asset and nothings happens! (unless those things that you step in to the floor).  Any tips?

You'll always be remembered.

I'll fix this issue in the next version of it. Thank you a lot :)

Thank you a lot for the review! After the jam ends, i'll put more feedback for the player to know what to do on each puzzle. Thanks again :)

I guess thunder skilss are not working... :( Had to play with fire type to pass the first level. o/

i liked the ideia but i feel its missing some challenges. it seems that if i continue to play (i`m in currentDay 48), nothing will happen). ( i can leave the layout. Maybe i can try to find a new land an build a new castle?)

Planet saved o / Try to use the same type of art  the whole game and test new responses about the character movement. :)

Nice models! I could not take the ketchup in one level (same as FactioneR).  Good job!

Add some feedback to the player about the char`s attack. In this world you will be young and a hard worker for the rest of your life o/

I rescued all those crates! :) This was a sweet surprise here! Had a little dificulty due character speed. Keep doint it!

Nice job! iI love this kind of game!

How can I spray the in the toilet mirror? :O Which engine did you use?

Hi there!

I would like 6# and 7# prizes (Lily looking through and Odd Planets).

Glad to participate, waiting the next episode. 

Thanks for playing Henryetha! I was with something rogue-like in mind, something like in the grass enemies cant see you, but time was not my friend, live evertime :) Thanks again!

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Did you try to hit the yellow gem in his face?  :O Tested here and he is killable  :)

Good! Maybe there roots can give them a slap in the face? :)

Hi there!

I'm going to do an arena fight game, something like Towerfall Ascension.  Good to test some new features and is a one screen game :)

Created a new topic Themes

Where are they?

Thanks for playing Hussain! o/

Thanks for playing Naomi! o/ 

Awesome game!

A good plataform game. Did you make in which engine? Nice graphics too!

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Ok game. 

I didn't get the behavior of those rabits, buts it's a good implement to a "snake game".

Done! Well, after the wings grow, i was certain that i'm inside the VR program with my brother. Right?
A feel like this is a 'cap 1' of a story.


Nice first shot. In my PC it runs slow, but i guess is my setup :)

Created a new topic INNER published

Hi Everyone!

Passing by to spread a survival puzzle mouse destroyer game: INNER (https://wellzitu.itch.io/inner).

The time was not on my side and it took my tutorial time away, but i wrote how to play the game on description.

Pass there and rate my game! :)

GLHF Guys :)

Downloaded but i can't start it. Showing an "Fatal error" here. Anything to do on my side?

Created a new topic Is it going to happen?

I see that only 4 members have joined, Is it going to  happen?