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<3 Thanks for playing CadeRageous! I'm glad you liked it!

The game stopped when i hitted the up-corner of some plataforms twice :( Hard to control the jumps, but after a time, you get control of it. The time of some platforms to come back are too high some times. Good work!

Oh i was struggling in the first level, and then cui boy advanced! and then another level! it was too hard for me to see the platforms and get the right portal to continue. And if you hold jump in a wall you can climb it, even the roof. o/

Played all the 35 days, but i didnt get how i can exchange itens in the cities. Only one charriot actualy was able to buy goods. How can i know where i can buy goods on the map? I went through every house and only 2 was able to trade. I got 10 or more in 1/10. Is this good? o/

Liked the aesthetics a lot! Tried to pass the  day 3 but its hard! I got 2 snake attacks on a roll multiple times. keep going!

I liked the concept here, walking and bringing light to all darkness on your path. o/

Good job! i  :) o/

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Ok, you have to sabotage others roads, while you try to make money to avoid enemies sabotages. I couldn't win this game, i played for 30 min and one time it was for 2 or 3 sabotages that i almost win. I think how fast enemies start to run speeders on you is what struggled my game play. I tried to start generating money,  but when i have money for construct 1, or 2 polices stations and some speed bumps, my HP is almost in half. And when i tried to rush police stations and speed bumps, lack of money turns out to be the problem.
I could arrest some speeders only with 1 police stations and 2 speed bumps, what is 100 at least. Hard but its a nice concept that you made. 

In the beginning, it was hard to understand what i had to do, the starting messages went to fast, but when i got it, i feeled some excited to try to win this.

Good audio too! Good job! (Sorry for the bad english some times, not my first language :) )

Thanks for playing Wolfcartel! <3

I didnt know where exactly i was on the map, colision boxes are not clear and sometimes i float in the air and sometimes i fell even when on land. Maybe a shadow below the chicken would help to see where exaclty i'm. Waiting the camera was a bit anoying too.  The art is a rendered image?

I liked more the zombies version than normal one. Had a 9805 Score on this mode. Sometimes, due the fast necessity and precision, i clicked outside the game and i lost due the time to return. Maybe some safety space between end of screen and the game woud be help in this case :) A simple game, good work!

If you could see when the shield will be turned off, it would be awesome. Sometimes even when shield was on, some shots gave me damage, is it expected? Using the "Q"  key to turn on the shield can dificult a lot the movement of the ship, as often i had to change my finger from "A" to "Q". 

I liked the audio, it fits the fast pacing of the game.

Oh God! Thanks for the video Jupiter! So happy that you reviewed my game :) :) :)

Thanks for playing Jfstudios!  :) :) )

If you are the real Santa, why people would arrest you? :O :O :O And why the boy would prefer a green book over ball/3ds/cookies?! This family is not a casual one!  The only thing that got me was thinking that you can be seem by the family, but actualy you can get caught by them :) Keep doing games team!

Nice game here! Game structure is there , clear objective and commands. It was easy for me, ended everything missing 24 sec i guess. The last thing that i did was lighting the candles, and i tought the kid bear couldnt handle with fire (due age), but it was possible! :) :) Good job team!!

Good time trial. After i hit something, the car goes backward and i cant go foward again. I dont know if its my PC/GPU, but the game crashes after i click on restart, having me to close it and open again.  I could only get at the end of first track (21s i think) just going foward and not avoiding anything (after the car hits something, it enters in a 'ghost' mode and after that come back to normal). Graphics are cool here too!

Oh man, my door is a portal to an island with faceless people? :O :O Nice game here! First time i got stucked due dryer + washing combo, things on one side, me on the other. When I was struggling to open the air vent (searching for anything that could explode), it suddenly open (i think due position of house, right?). Once in the bathroom, the game is near the end. I liked the models and design, its a good game! But the light exposure and those bloom effects almost gave me a headache. Keep doing this!
PS: I returned to my house again once i find the inslad, and when i pass the door it teleported me to a black position, where my character fall til the main menu appears XD.

Santa work's harder than never here! These damm kids :) :) Liked the aesthetics, i wish santa was more thin, so he could walk faster :) Game structure is there, nice work! (And nice AI also)

Nice concept! it would be nice having commands and a explanation of what each structure does inside the game. I wish I had someone to play with me :( :(  :( 

Thanks for playing Randomphantom! Sometimes the machine keeps with the 'working' animation even if its repair bar is not visible, this could help you with the requirements! Enemies spawning near the character is fixed and ready for the update after jam! Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback <3 Clear cursor noted! And congratulations! Top of the rank with 46K!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing it! I dont have any doubt that you are going to get a better rank! <3

(Edited 1 time)

After the first wave of enemies, anything happens? It would be nice if the gun fire had any kind of feedback for the player, like a shot blast. A searched all the place and didnt find anything too (just my death at the border of the map :). Texture and material from house looks nice. And the movement in the ladder could be faster (humble opinion). Keep going!
Edit: I was really surprised when i met the enemies. I looked at the horizon: - Oh, a city, let me see this houses before going there - and then BAM, the city is actualy a horde of enemies XD

Thanks LaserFocus! Everything that you mentioned is in my review checkup list to get this game better and better! :)

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback and playing time Andyman404! <3

Sometimes i find it very hard to get itens on the floor, and when i stop pressing any movement key, the character dont stop in time, it seems like he is walking on ice :) The FPS structure is there! Keep doing it!

Art is gorgeous and I had a good time peeking through the window :) Nice concept of interation! 

Interesting mechanic for drawing path in a strategic way. The wolves moves backwards sometimes and often stop when hitting a bush and. I see potential here! I suggest a button to confirm and start moving the wolves Now, you have to think on the path and do it immediately after the first wolf started. 

Main character has a good visual! But sometimes even if the rabbit is staring at me, i could scare him. o/ o/

Nice graphics, animations and movement needs an improvement, jumping is too high >D. And it was very short!! Good job!

Nice perspective for a puzzle game. Reminded me of some alone in the dark + click and point games from 80's and 90's.

Keep refining this! Make the movement more smoothier and you will have a good base for your stealth game! 

I build every 'construction' and only hangedman seems to affect the zombies near the town central. but nothing happens after spent all your money. I think a description of every building and what it does will get things more clear on that.

I didnt manage how to play this. After i download the 'stay in city.exe', it ask me to open something that i dont know. What can I do to play your game? 

I didnt find any ghouls and didnt try to escape nothing :/ After a left click, jump is ready again, and you can double jump! I fly the entire scenario and didnt find anything to do :/ And after that i fall from the scenario to a eternal death :(  

Thanks for playing and for the feedback KingZer0!!

I think the pacing needs to be more fast in this game.  I liked how the tile changes as you dig near it. o/ o/ 

I found it very hard to play on PC, controlling 2 characters on a keyboard. As the camera is always between these 2 characters, play alone sound like lonelines for me . A 2 players game in my opinion! This has only 2 minigames?