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Thanks Paperback! I updated the page, but here is the link for you :) 

Thanks for playing it randomphantom! Checked about sounds! Next version will have great sounds <3

Thanks for playing CatMech! Feedback about the controls noted! I"ll definetly  fix it on the next release :

Thanks for playing it Doombrowski, and thanks for the feedback!
The control of the character will be revised  as soon as possible :) Thanks again!

Thanks for playing Rhornbeck! It was my first full solo jam using Unity, so everything went a lot crazy!
Definitely I need to change the control movements, i was using the unity input axis to control it, so its speed decrease is slower than i expected. I'll try to use lerp(), for sure! 

But your feedback was incredible, thanks again for playing it <3.

23 Veggies saved :) Great visuals!

The music is great! Great job!

52 chefs killed :) 

I liked it! It feels like i had infinite lives, but i liked it anyway :) Good job!

The grab with the wall jump is pretty hard sometimes! Good job! o/

106s :) Good visual! 

At some point of the game, the screen was shaking a lot, and it didnt stop or got slow when I died. I liked the ambience and proposal of this game. Good work!

Good Puzzle/Physics game. Sometimes the physics was weird, if you put the crate at the previously  "same point", different results. but this brough some funs situations to the game. I liked it!

WOW! Tought that i had change it already, but now it seems to be correct  :)

Thanks for playing CrazyWizardGames! It was my first game made on Unity, i struggled with some basic things and sounds unfortunately could not be done. Thanks again :)

In times of sea of thieves, its nice to play something like it for free, but with a fishing plus :) Really good game!

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High Score: 1038  :)
Liked the concept, only the collision box of the arms were tricky to me, but its a good and simple game! And the musics are awesome! Great job!

I liked the concept of each boss having a different mechanic, some of them were really hard to beat through time! 

Great idea! Congratulations! 

I liked your idea, and the relations between the characters is great! Good job! 

thanks for tour kind Review Jovalent! A sign after you beat a level was scheduled but i couldnt make It :( Also, after you beat the level, i designed the system to show the constellation name that you formed, enhancing the player feedback. But i couldnt make the name of all stars.

Thanks again for playing!!! 

Thanks Pinebox! Great review! The rotating asteroid will be reviewed. After every stage, it would be appear the constelation name that you formed, after traveling to all stars. But i could manage time to write all of them, thats what happens, also with the SFX! Thanks again for the review and feedback <3

How can i go upstairs in the  3rd stage (where there is a pink enemy)? I didnt find any platform going there :( The black bg made it difficult for me to see the platforms. 

Living and learning, now i know something about this novel! i liked the intro and I laughed a little when the rabbit attacked me lol. I didnt like the punch timing, and  i never hitted the enemy with the torch. Keep going! Good job!

I liked the violin music! Nice to see someone using Construct too! Why did you prefer to use Arrows to throw an axe instead of using your mouse position? Throwing axes ortogonally is hard! Keep going team!

Won with a score of 255,797. I died before the tutorial finished, but in the second gameplay i just pressed W and went straight through objectives. This game must be played in a frenzy mode! Good job!

A zodiac date simulator huh? Ended the game with 2 'misses' remaining! I didnt read your page before playing the game, so I just read the intro and started the game. After it, i forgot the zodiac characteristics XD.  The character speed increases after time, something like an acceleration effect on it (that felt strange to me). Good job!

Just disable the WIndows defender App checker and the game runs normally. The intro lagged for me (probably my humble PC, 1GB 256MB Graphic card / phenom 2x6 3.3mhz). The game concept is good and the intro animation is really awesome. A patiente game! Good job!

Nice game! I liked a lot your character design and art, it was awesome! The prologue music is nice too! Good job!

oh, awesome! I was going to put a sound FX when all star have been traveled and the pointer of the star should get invisible, but i didnt find the bug and couldnt  create the sfx at time. 

Again, thanks for playing It!!!

thanks for playing my game!!! Did you fiind  any bug on It?

Hi Shoze! In which level the draw lines are disapearing? Probably you found a bug. Will try tô fix It asap! Anyway, thanks for playing!!!

Thanks for playing Sebastian! Your post made me very happy! Awesome to know that you liked the game, I'm working on a more extensive gameplay with more features. Hope to deliver it any time soon <3 . Again, thanks for the time and gameplay. <3

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Thanks for playing Chipper35! A game that I used as an inspiration was "Incredible Machines", a 90's game. :) 

Thanks for playing BadRocket! Soon I'l release a more complete version of this game :)

<3 Thanks for playing CadeRageous! I'm glad you liked it!

The game stopped when i hitted the up-corner of some plataforms twice :( Hard to control the jumps, but after a time, you get control of it. The time of some platforms to come back are too high some times. Good work!

Oh i was struggling in the first level, and then cui boy advanced! and then another level! it was too hard for me to see the platforms and get the right portal to continue. And if you hold jump in a wall you can climb it, even the roof. o/

Played all the 35 days, but i didnt get how i can exchange itens in the cities. Only one charriot actualy was able to buy goods. How can i know where i can buy goods on the map? I went through every house and only 2 was able to trade. I got 10 or more in 1/10. Is this good? o/

Liked the aesthetics a lot! Tried to pass the  day 3 but its hard! I got 2 snake attacks on a roll multiple times. keep going!