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Hi there!

I would like 6# and 7# prizes (Lily looking through and Odd Planets).

Glad to participate, waiting the next episode. 

Thanks for playing Henryetha! I was with something rogue-like in mind, something like in the grass enemies cant see you, but time was not my friend, live evertime :) Thanks again!

I get the an error: Runtime Error 501 : Image Number 96000

Tried to run as administrator, same error :(

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Did you try to hit the yellow gem in his face?  :O Tested here and he is killable  :)

Good! Maybe there roots can give them a slap in the face? :)

Hi there!

I'm going to do an arena fight game, something like Towerfall Ascension.  Good to test some new features and is a one screen game :)

Created a new topic Themes

Where are they?

Thanks for playing Hussain! o/

Thanks for playing Naomi! o/ 

Awesome game!

A good plataform game. Did you make in which engine? Nice graphics too!

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Ok game. 

I didn't get the behavior of those rabits, buts it's a good implement to a "snake game".

Done! Well, after the wings grow, i was certain that i'm inside the VR program with my brother. Right?
A feel like this is a 'cap 1' of a story.


Nice first shot. In my PC it runs slow, but i guess is my setup :)

Created a new topic INNER published

Hi Everyone!

Passing by to spread a survival puzzle mouse destroyer game: INNER (https://wellzitu.itch.io/inner).

The time was not on my side and it took my tutorial time away, but i wrote how to play the game on description.

Pass there and rate my game! :)

GLHF Guys :)

Downloaded but i can't start it. Showing an "Fatal error" here. Anything to do on my side?

Created a new topic Is it going to happen?

I see that only 4 members have joined, Is it going to  happen?