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It was a neat and cool game that made me feel nostalgic and light, and it's a great arcade one-bit game! Can I introduce your game on YouTube? :)

I thought it was a horror game because there was a fear on the tag, but it was a different meaning! :)

It was a very scary game, but it was a very fun and simple game I'm scared...!

I thought it was a horror game, but it was a healing game!

It's sad that there's no ending. Mushroom picking simulator.

Even if I felt someone was there, I was able to enjoy cleaning thanks to the exciting sound!

I couldn't look straight at the screen while playing. It was a really scary and interesting game!

I was scared that something would pop out, but I was glad that it didn't come out. I'm glad this is all a dream!

It was cute and the game at the zoo was really interesting and fun!

It was a game that brought back deep nostalgia from my childhood.

My heart was really surprised. It was a really scary game.

Tommy had a great hairstyle, so it was fun, and it was easy to catch a murderer, so it was a fun game!

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It was a scary game even without ghosts, and what was disappointing was that there were many rooms, but it was a good game except that it was less utilized!

It's not scary, but it has a very profound content. It's really interesting. Is Levi named after the devil? I think it's a really good game.

It was a horror game with a moderate level of difficulty.

I'm not good at scary things, but I'm glad that it was a game that I could play. It's a very simple and well-made game. :)

It's a less scary horror game that I recommend for people who like scary things but can't do it because they're scared. You might be surprised at the end. :)

I was scared because I thought something scary would come out, but it was a relief that it was less scary. I was a bit surprised at the end. Thank you for the good game!

It was a short game, but it's good to play lightly. It's a clean game. Like it!

It was a short but scary and fun game. :

It was a shame that it was short, but it was a very healing and fun game!

I'm surprised this game only took 48 hours. It's amazing that it's perfectly made and I'm happy that I just found this game!

I need fire, but I'm scared of it. The game is really fun!

It was a great game to heal your tired daily life on a small island!

It's great that you're enjoying your coffin in a game!

It could have been a normal game, but killing an enemy and kicking it off was so refreshing...! I think it's a game with potential.

It could have been a normal game, but killing an enemy and kicking it off was so refreshing...! I think it's a game with potential.

I'm really looking forward to it! It's going to be so exciting!

I think it's a very cute and amazing mechanism! I can't wait for it to be officially released!

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The queen was hiding her fist for today!

It was fun to play in a short time and the game is really cute! It's fast and fun! I hope many people know this game! Where did you get inspired to make this game!?

I thought it would be easy, but it requires more concentration than I thought! It's a very fun and convenient game except for the error of not being able to see the pizza when you press it!

It was a familiar drawing and song, but it was a fan game! It was a simple mini game, but it was really fun!

It's a bit unfortunate, but cooking with a cat is exciting and fun. Most of all, cats are so cute!

Long enough to save the world with your tongue! What a funny and humorous game!

I like black tea!

It was a scary cave, but I was glad the monster didn't pop out! I had a lot of fun!

t's a really fun game, is there an ending to this game? It's not over.

It's very fun to find a way to die! I just don't know when to use the interaction! Can I upload a video of me playing your game on YouTube? :)

It was really scary, but I had a lot of fun! However, there is an error in stopping if you keep pressing the car key in a short period of time!

Track 1 and track 3 were easy, but track 2 is quite difficult! There was an error if we started the game again after the victory, but we had fun!