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Despite the cartoonish nature of the art style, (and being able to stop time to double jump lol), this game looks like the most realistic climbing simulator I've ever seen.
Amazing work. 👍♥🧗‍♀️

awe, i got to the last page and i'm sad it's over. I want more happy magical gardening misadventures ❤❤💕💗😭😭

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i actually couldn't figure out how to reel in a fish the first time i played, haha, so i had to come back and try a second time.

the main character and all the items fished up are so cute and pleasant to look at! and the bird's funny little walk!? OMG I AM ❤❤❤ヾ(•ω•`)o(●ˇ∀ˇ●)

the music is INCREDIBLE!!!!!, but it would be great if it didn't reset everytime after fishing, if the main tune faded out either by making clever use of the audio mixers, or by shifting the audio source away from the camera in game and back after fishing. (i also think you might have forgotten to loop it, maybe?) And the fishing tune is so amazing!!! I wish i got to hear more of it in the game too

WOWOW you rly are dishing out the love, fricochet!! ❤(●'◡'●)❤

I am so grateful and happy you liked the project! 

Thank you, drniab!! 

rly simple and cute
and i love the art and level design, it kept things interesting

cute styling on the simon characters, but the simon should probably say the pattern a bit quicker

omg, the music stings and sound design is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD
MineTimelapser, you are an audio god

and the environment, character and lighting design all working in such good harmony, i'm positively shaking with enthusiasm abt this project

hey Ducky, you might not remember but you offered me a place on your team when I was trying to get team matched at the start of the jam.  I promised I'd check out your game after, so here i am.

THIS GAME IS SO CUTE OMG, I LOVE the characters and premise SO MUCH


colors are delightful, but the games are a little difficult for me, and i tend to do one at a time

The paced tutorial is very nice for learning. The final boss monster is rly cool, and I kinda wish I was fighting the boss sooner.

Just a really nice rotation puzzle (action) game. The rotation feels good and the sprite layout is really solid. Only thing I thought could use some work is some of the sound effects being a little annoying, like picking stuff up, and maybe obstacle/enemies designed into later levels. Still fun getting the hang of getting in close to rotate faster.

OOH! YEAH! i think adding support for larger tiles could rly help with the growth aspect!!

i love the characters and dialogue and actually felt sad when i came back to them gone, but the jumps to certain platforms could use a little more leeway.

that's a smart idea! i think establishing a background sprite color/brightness tint would be helpful for establishing sprites that can or can't be picked up

i love how well you painted all the sprites; i almost didn't recognize them being from the art pack at first, and they all fit together so well in the fantasy console style.

 one small thing that i'd like is some kind of ranking on my score at the end, to give me some idea of how well i did.

yeah, i agree the cube puzzle route would have probably been the best way to go in order to give the mechanic the most legs as it stands. but, i think even when i was designing the concept i spread myself thin by trying to leave it open, and then not giving myself enough time to try making puzzles for the mechanic.

thanks for your comment, btw. gonna check our your project right now.

this is a really good puzzle platformer concept, with exceptional design on the puzzle rooms, to the point where i felt real challenge in most of the rooms. one thing that did annoy me is that i wish the ability to walk on sloped floors was a little easier, or when they are not slippery and jumpable was more telegraphed somehow.

the creativity and mixing of weapons is so silly and fun, and i love wondering what weapon could come next, but my main gripe is that the rounds and general speed of everything is too slow

the shadows to give the impression of depth are amazing, and i like the feeling of getting familiar with the town map, but the controls to get around it felt too loose and i would overshoot a lot

This is a wonderful concept with a delightful amount of simple retro charm. Although the game kinda sets perhaps too wide a range for the comfort zone somewhat.

goood clicker game with nice visual indicators

this is the easiest 5 stars i've ever given

i'm stunned. I think this simulation of mustard placement on hotdogs might be more realistic than real life :0

really tight small game, but satisfying in a creative way, like painting on a macro-scale

i like watching them fight. They are powerless against my human clicking speed though.

while there isn't a lot going on, it feels rly good to menu and move the windows around and stuff, while trying to understand the numbers

how did you get the light to come through the trees in shafts like that?