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Weisse Woelfin

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The whole thing with Aida reminded me so much of me and my girlfriend (minus the leaving part)... It was enough to get me to go back and not flirt with anyone at at all because I know I couldn't. I really hope that goes well...

Also, the red for the text when not hovered over is extremely hard to see for my protanopia self (the brighter red when hovering is pretty clear, at least). Would it be possible to add an option to change it or something?

Oh, no idea how I forgot. VAMPIRES :D

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I like that we can actually be a shitty rude person :D I was so happy to just take the damn thing (the chapter one thing) like a complete bitch without needing to go through a whole moral quandary that is the standard in RPGs/IFs.

While I do have a personal issue with the idea (us being non-magical), I like how you've done it. How we totally break or ignore all magic. It's a cool power on it's own, even though it's not to my taste intrinsically. This is very well done as a whole, really. Characters feel pretty legitimate (no blatant, boring tropes), you can react in varied ways, the UI is fantastic, the writing is great.

As a minor annoyance, at least on the paths I took it felt there were a lot of STAT INNEFFECTIVE "checks"*. It made my stats feel pretty pointless very often. But I'm writing this right after grabbing the Chapter One thing (sorry for the vagueness in all of this, trying to minimize spoiling for anyone), so maybe that gets better. And it might've just been the path I took. I also feel I wasn't always able to react as I wanted, just kind of in relation to characters. Like I wasn't able to be, well, rude as much as I would've liked.
Either way, I'm enjoying this quite a lot :)

*now that I'm thinking about it, I think there was literally just two, but they were back to back so it stuck in my brain

I found it very hard to read with either theme. A minimalist option would be appreciated a lot.

I really wish you could decline the joint...

I'm not into lying and abuse/assault, thanks.

...Fuck Rohan.

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Just to give my input, I agree with being put off due to it not having a female love interest. It sucks not getting that option. That said, I have played through this a couple times and I really enjoyed it, and that's with not being on good terms with Cove. This game is still really well made and plenty enjoyable even when rudely ignoring all of the dudes. At no point did I feel like I was getting a lesser game/story for not being friends with them. Since it's free, I'd completely recommend giving it a try. There won't be a romance aspect, but it's still great without.

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Something that really stood out is the comments on Sam's and the dude twin's heights. I was expecting your height to be set because of that (and it made me very sad), but then the options came up. Those comments appear before you choose your own, so unless they are pushing seven feet, they could be wildly inaccurate if you are tall yourself.

Also, is it an intended or expected reaction to hate (nearly) everyone? It wouldn't be the first time I have such a wrong reaction, but I feel like it may be one of the reactions you were expecting. I just don't want to go with those feelings if it was unintended.

Unrelated, I really appreciate your collections :)

Yay! A female protagonist that's not spineless!

A few day ago, he gave an update and he's recovering from [spooky virus], so not for a bit at least.

I named my character Elisabeth without knowing any character names, so there's two with the single letter difference which I found funny paired with two moms. No typos I saw :D

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Probably a minor thing to most players, I love the customisation so much. Being able to actually specify being tall so there's not constant references to [character] being taller is wonderful. I also love that there's actually consistent and often choices. So many visual novels already have a pre-decided personality for your character (and almost always one I dislike) despite saying the character is yours and reacts as you want or something, so that was a wonderful change. Basically I really enjoy everything but Cole :I, but there's even the option to not like him :D

Side note, it is really funny and confusing to have Mom and also Mom and Elizabeth and also Elisabeth.