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Weekly Game Jam

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Hey! Sorry, we accidentally removed your game from the jam, please try to submit it again.

Don't add this game to WGJ, it was not made for the jam.

This game is inappropriate. Do not try to submit again to WGJ.

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Can you stop trying to add this game to every single weekly game jam? It was made for one specific week, and obviously doesn't match any of the next themes.

Congrats! You won Week 100 of Weekly Game Jam :D

You can contact us through one of these to receive your prize:

Hope to hear from you soon!
- Weekly Game Jam Team

I don't know Linux communities very well. I generally just make a specific announcement on Twitter or other media, and people tend to give feedback.

But looking for specific groups is a great idea. You can try on Discord, there must be some nice Linux dev or gaming servers there.

Just to add a little bit on the topic: since you're using Unity, it's very easy to make a Linux and a Mac build.

You just have to:
1. Make sure you check the right options in Unity's installer to install the Linux & MacOS players (it might be the case by default so you can just try the next step and see if it works)
2. In the Build Settings window, select these options:
Target Platform: Linux / Mac OS X
Architecture: x86 + x86_64  / Universal
3. Make a build and package it in a zip file like you do for Windows builds
4. Advertise it and ask people if everything works fine on these platforms ;)

Once you did it once, it takes only a few more minutes for any demo or game you publish, so I definitely recommend that to help grow your community :)

Keep up the good work!

It was made several days before the jam started.

Really interesting! My best score was 49K in 325 days.

I agree with @daria2b, I had the same kind of experience at some point. I wonder if it could be solved with some kind of feedback, like how close you are to starting to lose some satisfaction?

Anyway, it's true that you might have to spend some time re-balancing the mechanics. But good job at making this prototype!

I liked the visual experience with packing all these buildings in a small area, and I enjoyed trying to figure out the game mechanics and find out the best strategy.

The tutorial is a nice touch too!