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Fixed! Thanks!

I am working currently on implementing systems to make it clearer what customers want and to explain the mechanics to the user! Thank you for checking out the project!

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- Fix: Ordered water jugs are now delivered correctly
- Fix: Trashbag Holding Position
- Espresso machine water can be filled with CoffeeCan full of water
- Coffee Beans are now available in the store and can be used with the coffee grinder to make fresh espresso

4/25/17 (0.2.2)

- Added Milk to general store

- Added: Temperature system! Drinks will get cold over time. As of right now, the only indication that a drink is too cold, is the lack of steam above it. Visual indicator will follow soon! If the drink is too cold, the customer satisfaction will be severely reduced.


- Added: Milk Foam! Fill espresso machine with water, select with the face buttons if you want the milk to be foamed or just heated. Fill the can with milk from a milk carton and use the can on the machine. Now you have either hot milk or milk foam: Cappucino requires foam, a latte requires hot milk.

Expired milk can't be used (yet).

- Fix: Materials are now getting instantiated (i.e. if you own more than a coffee machine, the buttons won't sync up anymore)

4/20/17 (0.2.0)

- Added: Coffee Menu! Enable or disable which coffee types you want to sell in your store. Currently any can be enabled, even though they cant be made except espresso and regular coffee. I will add tool requirements to unlock certain types. Prices are static, but will changeable in the next updates.

- Added: Espresso Machine! Needs to be filled with water and needs a portafilter with fresh coffe to brew. Will brew regardless of cup below it, so you probably want to add one below. I left one to start, making it easier to test it. In the future this will have the be bought.

- Customers will now be able to order espresso

-- Portafilter: Holds ground coffee, has to be tamped down before put into espresso machine. Once its used, it has to be emptied into trash before the machine will run again. (Want to add penable)

-- Tamper: Once coffee is added to the portafilter, it needs to be tamped. Either use the portafilter on the Tamper or the tamper on the filled portafilter.

-- Coffee Bag: Ground Coffee can currently be used in the coffee filter. I want to add a penalty, given that drip coffee is not ideal for espresso.

- Fix: Customers put the coffee now better on the table (will still stack, if old stuff doesn't get removed)

- Fix: Customers now order to-go coffees if there is a cup dispenser in your store (I am an idiot!)

- Fix: Customers ordering food doesn't make their brain explode anymore (Hopefully...)

- Fix: Can't freeze a second coffee can inside the coffee machine when trying to place it while the machine is brewing

- Controls: Right click when holding an item will now drop it, regardless of what is in focus

4/18/17 (

- Lamps / Lights will now assume the state of the other lights around it when being placed

- Changed: Floor mat can't be packaged anymore

- Added: Trash Bin shows a symbol above it, if it is full.

- If player does not have a cup dispenser, customer's won't order to go (actually added in 0.1.3)

4/17/17 (

- Fix: Dirty floor mat won't obscure vision anymore

- Fix: Trash Bin content is now being properly saved / loaded

- Individual cup lids can be thrown away now

4/17/17 (0.1.3)

- If player takes away food or drink from customer before he consumed it, customer will leave angry and take his money with him!

- Customer won't eat food / drink anymore if he is leaving angry

- Floormat shows an effect, when it removes dirt from a customer

- Customers now sit at random chairs, rather than always the same

- Customers will now put their coffee cup on the table in front of them

- Fix: Drink symbol over cup now disappears if cup gets cleaned / emptied

- Fix: Customer's brain won't break, if there is no food offer zone available anymore

- Fix: Automatic door should function as intended

4/16/17 (0.1.2)

- Change: Disposable Cup Dispenser spawns now without cups, lids or covers

- Added: When Disposable Cup Dispenser gets packaged by player, remaining items (cups, lids, covers) will get packaged in their own refill boxes at the same time

- Fix: Coffee Machine Filter saves its state properly

- Fix: Coffee Dispenser refills now work as intended

- Fix: Cup Dispenser indicators now update when lids and covers are taken out

- Fix: Refill boxes can be placed more easily when being unboxed

4/15/17 (0.1.1)

- Fixed: Customers sitting down again

- Fixed: It's easier to pick up items from the ground

- Added Main Menu Button to Day Over Screen

- Buggy items in a savegame will not crash the game anymore when loading. Error will be logged and item will not be instantiated.

- Added Plant to the furniture store

- Change: Coffee cups only need to be filled once to become a coffee

- Fixed: Coffee Filter Bxoes now rotate properly when held.

- Fixed: Coffee Filters now have more than a single use (10 currently) and the boxes are closed when they are new.

- Fixed: Coffee Filter boxes can now be placed when unboxing

- Fixed: Cups could not be cleaned with the sponge

- Player will be warned at the end of the day, if they are broke. If the player's balance is still negative the next day, they lose the game.

- Introduced version number system (and build dates) to better identify bugs and avoid confusion

- Fixed: When you interact with the sink with the broom it turns it pink

- Fixed: Cups can be filled with Coffee Can, while the coffee machine is still brewing the coffee.


- Drink 'Coffee' now requires to fill a cup twice (or thrice) with coffee, otherwise customers will not accept it

- Cups are now properly dirt again when they spill

- Current drink is shown above cup, when player focuses on it or holds it in his hand (does not show, if cup doesn't contain a valid drink)

- Lid pops off the cup, if dropped to hard / thrown

- Added symbol to order and order info bubble of customer showing a reusable cup, if the customer wants his order to go

- Added refill boxes for cup dispenser, can be purchased in General store

- Customers will not take a mug if they want to have their coffee to go.

- Customers that don't want a coffee to go, will take a reusable cup OR a mug.

- Customers wanting a coffee to go, will have reduced satisfaction if they don't get a lid & cover for their cup


- Added disposable coffee cup, lids and cover

- Added disposable coffee cup dispenser (can be bought under furniture); dispenses cups, lids and covers

- Added coffee bag states (Full, half full, empty)

- Added filter box states (open / closed), filters indicate amount left

- Added Cozy Chair to store

- Water cant be cleaned up anymore with a broom (use sponge)


- Bugfix: Savegames work again (I loaded the popularity system, but I never saved it)
- Added Floormat (dirty floormat has to be thrown out), can be bought in furniture store
- Added Broom (can clean floor dirt), can be bought in general store
- Doors can be closed and opened with an item held
- When order box is empty, player automatically switches to normal again
- Sounds added: Switching items when unboxing (mousewheel)
- Coins / Customer tips can now be picked up while holding another item
- Removed changelog from game
- Bugfix: Assigned products to customers are now correctly unassigned when the product drop zone is moved or previously assigned product is taken of the platform


- Bug reporting added in pause menu (Sends me a screenshot of the current scene and other useful information)

- Failsafe added to customer: Check if popularity was already calculated

- Popularity (and change over day) shown on Day Over Screen

- Bugfix: Sometimes a cup would not be picked up by a customer, even though it matched his order

- If you lock a customer in your store when you leave, you receive a popularity penalty based on the customer type and the customer will also steal a random item

- Thieves won't steal dirt anymore and rather opt for actual items :P

- Different customer types sit for different durations

- If customers give bigger tips (>5 coins), they will spawn bills instead of too many coins. Bills from customer tips can be picked up just like coins.

- Customers will consume their food shortly before they stand up from sitting

- New console command: store.popularity (float)

- Popularity affects CustomerSpawn

- Popularity affects the maximum waiting time customer is willing to take

- Popularity increases or decreases depening on customer satisfation (i.e. when you throw a cup at a customer, your popularity goes down)

- Popularity affects the maximum length of the customer waiting line (i.e. waiting lines at popular stores will be longer)

- Popularity will be slightly decreased if a customer can't enter the store when it's closed

- Popularity affects how much dirt a customer is willing to put up with

- Customer Types are more or less influential on popularity

- Bugfix: Customer does not freeze in store, when his table gets removed and he wants to tip

- Dirt is now being saved

- Bugfix: Money should not be sliding all over the place anymore

- Bugfix: Trashbin now behaves correctly and doesn't make the playerhand go all Katamari when full

- Customers will now decide if they want to sit down in the store or take their order out

- Customers that want to drink their coffee in the store, will sit down at a chair and consume their order there.

- If no chair is available, the customer will wait for a spot to be free. If no spot becomes free before he loses his patience, he will leave angrily.

- Chairs need to be close to a table and need to face the table for a customer be willing to sit on it

- Bugfix: Cleanliness satisfaction now calculated correctly

- Bugfix: Player does not get pushed around anymore by items being held

- Added light fixtures that can be bought and placed on ceiling

- Added light switch to office entrance

- Bugfix: Customers now rotate properly in their movements

- Customer Types now have spawn chances (i.e. business men will spawn more likely than police officers)

- Food Order Zone can be purchased in Furniture store, multiple Food Offer Zones can be used

- Fix: Mug dirt state gets saved

- Reduced food buy prices

- Fix: Order System now calculates orders correctly; stores show order correct order amount

- Fix: Customers now consume the food they buy

- Fix: Item in Orderbox not getting correctly selected, resulting in broken box

- Fix: Different items are now packaged into a single box when ordered

- Food can now be placed directly into the Food Offer Zone from the Order Box

- Fix: Orders for the next day are now getting filled

- Added visual effect to serving platform, that shows when player holds product in his hand

- Added Food Offer Zone Model / Furniture

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- Added Serving Platform, can be moved around, but can't be packaged up
- Certain customers give bigger tips than others and more more or less likely to tip
- Dirt is now calculated into the total customer satisfaction
- Some customers are more forgiving of dirt in your store than others

- Customers have now all kinds of different looks, certain customers are more or less likely to spawn dirt
- Bugfix: Spawned items from order boxes are now not automatically attached to player hand anymore.
- Bugfix: Mugs will now be picked up by customers, if previous recipient of cup hasn't despawned yet
- Bugfix: Bug Items now get removed from hand, when thrown

(1 edit)

- Furniture value is included into customer satisfaction. Better furniture = higher satisfaction.

- Added customer tip system. Customers will tip one or several coins, amount based on performance. 10% chance that customer doesn't tip.
- Coins can't be picked up and will be immediately add to the player's balance

- Ordered food that's still inside an order box will no longer ignore time and spoil
- Fix: Rotation system now properly rotates held items after the initial rotation
- Customer satisfaction is now shown with stars, once the customer picks up the order. 3 stars are maximum and can only be reached with perfect score.
- Items will now be delivered in a box. Delivery boxes can be picked up and unpacked with selecting the unboxing mode with '3', allowing the player to place the items.
- Added +5 and -5 order buttons for shop screens
- Items don't stutter when held & player walks
- Faucet shows water and can be opened / closed at any time
- Customers now move up in the line and don't wait outside the store anymore
- Rotation improved for furniture and held items
- Removal Cloud Spawn Effect when box gets removed

(2 edits)

Since we have a discord server now, I created a channel for feedback and discussion about the game.

- Office Chair, Trash Bin, Pinboard and Storage Shelf are now movable furniture
- Added Furniture Box:
-- Furniture will be delivered in Furniture Box
-- To unbox a furniture box, interact with it in the furniture mode
-- To box existing furniture, press c while holding it or pressing c while looking at it.
-- In normal mode, the box can be moved like any other object.
-- Box shows graphic of furniture inside it
- Furniture Store added to computer
- Items held don't rotate around anymore
- Customer show order information from further away
- No more spoopy ghost items that fall through the floor when you try to pick them up
- Coffee Machines are now treated as furniture and can be bought and placed / moved on counter surfaces

- Save System implemented! The game saves the store automatically, when the day is over (and the player is not game over). Save slots will be added later; feeling lazy after this monstrous task ;) Loading will load the corresponding day over screen.

- Customers generate satisfaction values based on coffee quality, if the cup is clean / dirty and how fast the order is executed.

- Angry customers that have been served (i.e. you throw something at them), will have a low percentage of the previous satisfaction

- Angry customers that have not been served, will have a negative satisfaction

- Every item outside left outside the store, will be gone the next day

- Leaving customers inside the store when leaving work, will result in items being stolen.

- Leave Work has it's own crosshair

- New console command: player.penaltySleep (bool)

- Bugfix: Camera goes not go into mesh anymore (most times)

- Trash bag has now to be placed into the Dumpster (doesn't get automatically thrown out when the Trash bag gets close to dumpster)

- Player can't leave work with item in his hand

- Player has a 50% chance of dropping an item in his hand when he yawns while sleep penalty active

- If player passes out or leaves work with door open, items will get stolen

- If door automatically opens after the player leaves for the day, items will also get stolen

- Player will get informed at the Day Over Screen that stuff was stolen :)

- If door has already opened/closed with the automatic door system and player changes time to the future of current day, the door manager will now open / close again.

- Sleep / Day System extended:
- Player can end the day himself, by leaving with the car in the back alley (no ramifications yet)
- Sleep Penalty if player falls asleep in the store (Stay past midnight): Walk / Run speed decreased, random yawning sounds
- Player receives warning about going to sleep, two hours before day ends in HUD

- OMG! Added Door! Customers will turn around if the store is closed (door closed = store closed).
- New! Store Settings Menu in Computer: Player can enabled / disable and set the automatic opening and closing times of the front door (Will be an upgrade at a later point)
- Customer makes a sound when he turns around at a closed front door

- Improved customers spawn system: Spawn times are now more organic and spawn rates stay consistent regardless of time factor
- Main Menu added
- Taking a customers order, will increase his/her waiting time
- Different Foods can last for different durations (i.e. cookie lasts for 2 days)
- Fix: Coffee mug gets emptied, when it gets cleaned

(1 edit)

- You can spill things in the office now...
- Spills can't be spawned on wall-shelves anymore
- 'E' now works for picking up / interacting with items
- Customers don't appear right from the start
- First customer spawns at 8AM
- Time factor changed: 1 second = 1 ingame minute
- Order System implemented: Player selects goods in computer, places order for tomorrow or today (extra charge), buy goods with money, goods get spawned behind counter for the time being.
- New: Bakery Screen functional
- New: Chocolate Donut

- Fixes several bugs relating to the Customers and the product drop zone
- New: Customers don't enter the store if too many customers are waiting for their products
- New: Orders can now be rejected or accepted, customer will leave store if the order is rejected
- New: The Cash Register shows an (for now empty) statistics screen if player interacts with it
- New: Customer Patience! If customers have to wait too long, they will leave the store (and take their payment with them)
- Fix: Crosswalk has a collider, so nobody falls through ;)
- New: Customers now show what they ordered and an indicator of their patience when the player looks at them
- New: Customer will show a warning over their head if their patience is running thing

I screwed over my sleep schedule, but:

- Completely reworked the customer behavior:
Customers now wait in line at register. If there are too many customers waiting, customers will not come into the store. Customer will slowly move up.
- Customers now cross the street in front of the store
- Added crosswalk visuals on the road where customers cross
- Product Drop Zone now functioning correctly (hopefully)
- If Player falls through floor (for whatever reason), he/she automatically respawns at the day start position
- If products fall through floor (for bad collider reasons), they respawn behind the counter

- Coffee Machine Power Button now indicates that the machine is working
- Coffee Machine Eject Button now indicates if its ejected or deactivated when brewing
- Bugfix: If part of the customer order is removed from order pickup zone,
customer will ignore that part of the order
- Coffee Can has now a visual indicator how full/empty it
- Coffee Can now slowly fills with coffee when brewing (see indicator)
- Player is set to same position when day starts
- Game Over Condition (Player ran out of money)
- New console commands: money.add (float), money.take (float), money.set (float), time.sonic, time.reset
- Fixed (?) the input bug (sometimes wouldn't recognize the input)