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Guess I changed my mind ... working on fixing a lot of stuff now :)

I will create a tutorial slide for the espresso machine that pops up when the player first purchases it. 
You have to grind beans into the portafilter, then tamp it down with with the tamper then insert it in the espresso machine.It's convoluted, but it's like real life. I think I will make this espresso machine very cheap and offer a more automated one for more money.

Yeah, this is a really silly way I implemented it. A Furniture box works differently. You select the box with the furniture mode and then place it. It's like the box is pretending to be furniture that's already set up. I will most likely change this going forward.

You press 2, select the item you want to move by clicking again and then start moving it. I will make sure its clearer to use and maybe include a tutorial slide soon.

Added these bugs to the list that I will hopefully tackle soon. Thank you!

Hello, thank you for your interest, but as of right now I am not releasing the source code, since I am continuing the development for now. 

I am working on fixing a few bugs and adding new features that were half-finished.

Sorry for my late reply. I really appreciate the kind words and I am glad you enjoyed the game even in it's unfinished form. 

I am sorry I haven't replied to your many posts until now. I literally didn't login until now. I understand that it's frustrating that the game is in this unfinished state, but I don't forsee myself being able to pick it back up again where I left it off.  Aside from not having touched the code in over 3 years, a lot of the systems were built without consideration of the whole game. This leads to some very hard to maintain code (and is part of the reason you are seeing many of the bugs). 

I appreciate your feedback and hearing what doesn't work aside from bugs, is helpful. 

Life is fermentation.

We've been fermenting all along.

Muck is life.

Reminds me of Lode Runner, pretty cool!

Love it! Great job with the colors! 

As a synth aficionada, this makes me want to get the real thing! Fantastic work!

Super creative use of colors! Super cool!

Gives me 2001 Space Odyssey vibes , super cool!

Wish we had lizards where I grew up, I would have caught them all. Super cute!

Really love the high contrasts. Superb use of the colors!

Gotta catch 'em all! Since I never played it a lot, this looks like the original 

I miss playing through games with a friend on a console. Excellent job, so cozy!

Now I want PEZ, this is so great!

There is something very artful about this scene. Is this a school table with ink holder?

I would still love to play this today with adults at random stores... I have a feeling the store owners would not like that. Great work!

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We got the theme for CrocoJam #2 as well as the limitation that was chosen:

Quick note: The theme is intended for inspiration and the limitation is a fun little twist on the whole jam. If you feel the palette choice too limiting or the color palette is not working for you, please feel free to pick a different one (great collection at the Lospec palette list) or just ignore the limitation! This is about having fun, not strict adherence. Anything goes as long as you are having fun creating something! As for the provided palette: CrocoPal, a custom made 8-color palette for CrocoJam #2 by ANoob! you'd like some more colors to work with, you can also use antiquity16  by ILTA

The theme suggestions have been collected (on the Discord server) and it's time now to cast your vote! Multiple selections are allowed and the winning result will be revealed at the end of the voting period (April 30th, 11PM).

I still got Bugsnax sitting on my console, maybe I should give it a go! Very cute model!

So colorful, absolutely adore the crystals!!

Excellent model and I love the texture work! I will have to watch one of your workflow videos for creating characters, I am pretty sure my attempt was much more complicated than it needed to be.