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Weaponized Walrus

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Fun concept, the controls and difficulty both feel right, and the art and music are also very well done. The game feels highly polished. Excellent work.

One small note - the controls on both the main page and the README file list 'M' as shoot, but it's actually 'N' in game.

I was starting to wonder where the game was going, with no points on screen or any sign of progression other than increase in diffuculty, but then was surprised at the end when the game played back the results as a song! That was really cool! Love the idea and it's done well.

If you choose to continue working on this, besides some more songs, my suggestion would be some kind of visual cue to show which block/ghost block is currently active, as it gets a bit jumbled up when the game speeds up.

Great work!

Looks really nice, but the perspective makes platforming tricky. It's a shame you couldn't finish it.

Took me a moment to fully understand what was going on, but once it clicked I had fun with it. There's a lot of stuff happening on screen and it all looks really good. Music is also well done. Unique game.

Satisfying and quite easy to get the hang of. The minimalist style is clean and suits the simplistic nature of the game. Nicely done.

Really unique ideas in this game, and quite polished. A suggestion for improvement would be regarding the camera - currently it leaves very little space infront of the player in whatever direction they're currently moving in, requring that the player stops for a moment to let it catch up and reveal what lies ahead. Other than that, great job!

Nice concept, this could be developed further into something really cool. I like the soundtrack, fits nicely with the game. Suggestions for improvement - either slower enemy projectiles, or more telegraphing from the enemies. It is currently quite difficult. And even though it's not a huge deal, it would be nice to start again immediately rather than returning to the title screen.

Simple and easy to get into straight away. The level of challenge feels right. Love the player character sprites.

Cool concept. Nice art and music, and the game controls well. Having the beat displayed on screen was a good decision and makes it more satisfying when your timing is correct. The game could benefit from some juicing, for example some more feedback when enemies are hit/defeated. Good job.

This game could use some polish, but it's a really cool idea. Metal and Contra make an awesome combination. Nice guitar work. Looking forward to playing the updated version!

It appears this crowd does not enjoy blast beats. Nice virtual drumkit, and good job on the art.

The new time limit in this version is much more reasonable. This is a nice little game. Cute graphics and quite addictive.

A bizzare game, strangely addictive. Seems to be a huge number of different words, I rarely got the same one twice.

"droid humanoid
big act"


Cute, simple, blues themed runner game. Combos are satisfying when it speeds up and the platforms get smaller.

Though technically not a game, it's a pleasant experience. Easy to get the hang of making nice melodies and beats, and relaxing to play. The addition of a backing track with adjustable volume is a nice touch. Both the visuals and audio have a dreamlike vibe, and it's nicely polished. Good job!

Thanks for playing! The boss does not take damage until the player has managed to avoid its initial charge. After that, the mouth and eyes will take damage. 

If you want to try again, my advice is to run from its charge attack, and then open fire.