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Bought the game to support Milkbar Lads. Will you release the Steam version for Mac and Linux too when it comes out later this year?

Thank you for the feedback. We're trying to fix a lot of parts including size, gameplay and reconstructing the third level and expand it. 

The aim now is to remake Level 3 and improve gameplay through player and enemy interaction. Glad you found the cutscenes funny. 

Thank you for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it. 

Well-made, short, easy to learn. 5/5.

We submitted to LowRezJam so some or most have to be low rez. Thank you for the feedback. 

Now this is a fun game. Good gameplay, funny music, oofed death animation. I can see this becoming a full-length game in the future. 

Thanks for the feedback and for mentioning it was a 64x64 resolution requirement, which I should have known as I already was following the other instructions. Will definitely update, fix & add in the near future.