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Nice idea! My idea is that there will be a "more secret area" inside the school house. It provides a box of soda, and a box of zesty bars.

Then, there would be another secret area where there is a back pack, (where you gain 6 slots of inventory) and inside the box of soda and the box of zesty bars, there are 3 items in each. You would store all of the items in each box inside your back pack. If Baldi was able to calm down, whenever he gets mad, you can use the soda, and the zesty bars. So that means, after Baldi calming down, he starts rebuilding the fire. And its like another chance! If YOU know how to use the strat for this idea, you can get extra points than one try.

wait... you cant do the mod?

hmm... can you tell me what makes it garbage? wait. i know, you are just garbage at setting up mods for baldi's basics. if its not true, what is it?

looks like there is an angry kid here.

get some grammar, your shit.

get some grammar, your shit.

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get some grammar, your shit.

Why is it not available on Windows? Is it because its the game on "MAC" or "LINUX?"

Its not impossible, your probably taking too many sticks.

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stop being such a baby, its not even a virus. go get a better-anti virus, you are like the other idiots here, i recommend you to fuck off and jump of a cliff

you bloody piece of shits who think its bad, maybe your mad cause you dont know how to set up mods for baldi's basics.

how about you fuck off, N0rmale124, he probably isnt really alexnewtron

i wanna hear your ideas. "Yoshi Element," your not an element for Yoshi. Get outta here.

Time to wait for this to be inside the game. It will be exciting!

A suggestion to the game is make like some new mode. Some mode that is basically story mode, but harder.  In that mode, what I would like is when you lose all your stamina, you slow down. 

Remember when that existed in Baldi's Basics? Well, I did. I'm going to end the comment here

Spoilers alert, there is another ending to this game than just the "lame ending" your talking about. Pretty much hard to get to it.  Answer all problems wrong in each notebooks, and escape Baldi.

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Hey. I have just one suggestion to this game

Add an update where you can use 0 at the start of a number, and then add the answer. I'll give an example:

Normally used: 5 - 4 = 1

What I'm talking about here: 5 - 4 = 01

If the answer is under 10, this will work: 5 - 4 = 01

If the answer is 10 or greater, the 0 in the tens place turns into 1:     5 + 5 = 10 

(5 + 5 = 010 is not a real number, so thats why *the 0 in the tens place turns into 1* if answer is 10 or greater)

Doing it normally (5 - 4 = 1) still counts

baldi, i did the maths

this game is what it seems. the creator is trying to prevent you from playing by tricking you.

parents, let your child play this. these stupid youtube videos posted are dumb, they are also trying to help prevent people from playing


Thanks for the information.

thank you :D

I don't agree to some of these suggestions.

Let me tell you why:

1. add a student council character  (or a couple) that when he/she finds you doing something wrong they tell the princible and gets detention, if you get out of the situation than can you make that student council demoted: It would be better if the game had some hard mode thing. That'll be where your 1st idea listed in your commment should be

2. can baldi have more dialog I like that baldi is like the most alive character in the game but how about he has dialog like when hes close to you he says "I see you" or something creepy: I believe in everything here. I agree in this

3. if the bully takes your stuff can you go up to the princible and tell while the bully is in ditention: Well... the school staff thought there should be a good bully in each school. If you requested to remove the fact that the school staff should have this bully, this suggestion might be better.

(i'm going to skip number 4, because i never heard about unity)

5. when baldie gets angry why don't I see his face angry when he has the ruler slapping me: Well, does not seem like a bad idea to me.




(there was no reason in fixing that glitch anyways cause when you try to walk out you get a prize... SMACK)


You did gr8, come here and get your prize! A bunch of downloads! 

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Doesn't seem to be that scary...

"well, at least not that scary for me"