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very nicely made!! same fear! #high5

Completeness - 3. Aesthetics - 2.5. Fun - 2.5. Innovative - 2.5. Scope - 2.5. Roguelike - 4

Fairly impressive for building from scratch in C++ for a 7 day deadline. (I bookmarked the Pixel engine for the future).

It's a fairly traditional type of title, but that's fine. 

If you're still interested in this project, I definitely encourage you to chip away on it. A few sound effects, and maybe a menu or two would help this idea out.

Thanks for submitting and hopefully you had some fun during the competition!

Completeness - 3, Aesthetics - 3, Fun - 3, Innovative - 3, Scope - 3, Roguelike - 4

For a 7DRL entry, this was well executed. I'm only vaguely aware of the RE series (gasp), so on the first play through, none of the real quote references "clicked". It was only when I spotted the linked YouTube video to the PS title gameplay in the entry's comments where I understood. 

Neat idea with the monster vs. S.T.A.R.S, and I thought the idea of a popup of each STAR for the level was a good one. The scrolling text worked fairly well, and the "kill list" helped. The Director's Cut idea was cool.

I didn't make it through most of the stream content, but thanks for linking them from the submission page, as well as the dev blog. 

I definitely encourage you to keep adding to this entry (if you want to of course). 

Some (minor-totally-optional-peanut-gallery) suggestions 

  • any sound / music effect
  • a bit more tinkering with the level so that you need to explore at least 50% before the level Boss shows up
  • a way to return to the previous level. There were a few times I was cornered, so I warped to the next level to escape..
  • when playing the Director's Cut edition, experiment with creating a "letterbox" view of the game with the top / bottom black bars. Yeah it might not work if you decide to experiment with it, but just throwing it out there.
  • maybe another game mode could be "Commentary" or something where you pull in some voice overs for the levels. I'll stop now. :)

Completeness - 3, Aesthetics - 3, Fun - 3, Innovative - 3, Scope - 3, Roguelike - 4

Poor Timmy. 

Congratulations on the submission. I had fun trying to rescue Timmy. I noticed quite a few "quality of life" improvements to this game, which is going to stick with me when doing any fooling around on my own experiments. I liked that everything was auto-equipped, and that doors / ladders were auto-navigated. The torch was a neat idea. 

Being a roguelike, I was only wishing for any kind of weapon stats so that I could see / "feel" empowered by the pipe vs. the wrench for example. But that's a minor observation.

Great work!

Completeness - 3, Aesthetics - 2.5, Fun - 3, Innovative - 3, Scope - 3, Roguelike - 2

I absolutely love / enjoy this idea / experiment of a bot-driven "game". Despite the format, I found it a unique entry and had a good time reading along as it went on. Along with the "speed up" button, I was definitely looking for a "slow down" option. There's a lot to be said about slower pacing helping to drive / create a story..

Hopefully you do some more experimenting with this idea - they can be quite a lot of fun.

Completeness - 3. Aesthetics - 3. Fun - 3. Innovative - 2.5. Scope - 3. Roguelike - 4.

Overall I was pretty happy to tackle this one. I'm a huge sucker for anything remotely resembling the old Ultima series.

While I'd suggest a slight modification to the input keys (ie. find a way to not use shift or ctrl) and perhaps allow a help key when you're in-game, it's a good adventure! I went through the existing comments reporting crashes, but I didn't experience any on win10. (yay!)

If you can (or want), I'd definitely urge you to keep plugging away at this work. 

Kudos for the entry, and congratulations on getting it to the successful state!

Sorry for the long delay getting back to you. I did go back and retry your game, and you are correct about the help screen and keys. While it's "obvious", I see what happened - in some games that I've played using the same type of key layout, there's also an accomodation for using `,` and `.` -- in other words, not needing to also use the SHIFT key. 

IIRC, I was trying to initially use "a" and "z" for up and down the stairs. "z" is what would crash it for me. It's fairly edge case, and most people will in fact find the help and actually follow it. :)

But nonetheless I do agree and urge you to keep working on it if you can. I think being able to level up your symbions would be a really neat idea. I don't know how far you want to get with it, but even as far as special attack / defense / talent bonuses based on your current mob and/or "environment"? 

Apart from all that, a huge congratulations for even getting this as far as you did in 7 days. That shouldn't be lost, nor understated during this judging phase. (Not that it matters, but this is the 2nd year in a row where I couldn't even get a release out myself, despite how excited I get for these 7 days...)

Completeness - 2 / Aesthetics - 3 / Fun - 2.5 / Innovative - 2.5 / Scope - 3 / Roguelike - 4. Overall a really neat idea, it just needs more love (get it?). I'm *almost* able to glimpse what you were going for with this. I urge you to chip away at it. I couldn't figure out how to climb / descend stairs, and a few keys would crash the game outright. Some simple sound effects / music would help. I liked the idea of managing your symbiote like a Pokemon, and being able  to activate / retire the one you want when you want.

completeness - 3 / Aesthetics - 4 / Fun - 3 / Innovative - 3 / Scope - 4 / Roguelike - 4. Overall this was an excellent submission. Had a great time, and loved the visuals / UX. Would definitely urge the developer to keep tinkering on this one - I'm already imagining some sound and music. Definitely an ambitious effort to create over the 7 day span, and I'd definitely agree that it is a "success". Was just brainstorming that since this is a "reverse" scenario (like a dungeon keeper), maybe there shouldn't be a fog of war since you (as the monster) would already "know" the layout. Unless of course, the idea is that you're chasing after the greedy heroes in unfamiliar (to you) dungeons...

I'm liking it so far - tip for other players - `get` also works for `pick up`

Hey all,

For those who are new to, I'll share a lesson I learned during the 7DRL2016 compo: NEVER rename your game's zip file that you upload or you lose the tracking of downloads!

You can upload your game file to as often as you want, but just make sure the name of your zip file (or however it's packaged), is the same each time.