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Josia Roncancio

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Glad you enjoeyd it. Don't worry, the full game gets a lot more challenging!
The demo ends just before it starts getting really tricky. ;)

Super cute and quite relatable in a way. The ending scene made me feel so guilty :D

Thanks for making this!

This is lovely, thanks for making it! :)

This was super cute and funny - and so relatable! I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for making :)

Once I got used to the controls (which took me a while), I found playing this incredibly relaxing. Love the serene mood, especially the music. Thanks for making this! :)

Well done! Really clever vertical layout. Makes each level feel like a distinct piece and still gives a nice sense of exploration / progression. I actually found the ending quite poetic, even if it was just a bug :D

This was a really nice experience. I love all the little ideas you're exploring in this. Thanks for making this game! :)

I enjoyed this very much! So simple yet so evocative. Well done! :)

I enjoyed this very much. Thanks for making it! :)

Love the concept! So simple, yet so expressive. Thanks for making this! :)

This is was lot of fun! Really slick presentation, too. Good job! :)

I liked this a lot!
The ambience works really well, made me genuinely feel out of place when I first entered. Good job! :)

I like it a lot, really relaxing experience. :)
The timer is a bit short for my taste. But apart from that, it's really nice and feels very personal. I also loved the short messages on the game end screen. :)

This was very cool to play! :)
I enjoyed figuring out how the mechanics worked little by little. Great mood also!
Sadly, I couldn't figure out how to beat level 3. Just can't make it over that last huge wall...
Can you give me a hint maybe? I'd love to see the rest of the game!

Anyway, good job! Keep it up! :)

You can find your game's reviews by clicking "Edit game", then going to the "Interact" tab. There should be a "Ratings & reviews" section there. :)

Also, your game looks rad! I'll have to check it out when I get the time.

Replied to Amos in DYO comments

Glad to hear that. It's coming soon, promise! :)

We just want to incorporate some of the feedback from A MAZE before releasing the demo to everyone.