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Hey! Thanks for playing, and persevering all the way to the end! I wish I'd had time to add in enemies to the final room - the plan was sleeping skeletons then when you steal the crown they all wake up chase you out the level and they die in the traps. Well, thanks again for playing!

Thank you for your input! I agree with your appraisal.

My focus was on recreating feeling of the cover with the character movement and looting, the game-play however is uninspired and a personal failure. I think there is a better game in there somewhere but I wasn't able to hone it out. Mainly I'd like to have added AI and stealth elements, as well as more depth to the hoarding and  a larger dungeon. However this project is done, sometimes it's good to know when to cut and run!

The music comments are fair, I added the pitch modulation to the music at the last minute (well within the last hour) to try and enhance the goofy feeling, given I know where everything is I can run 90% of the time, how it plays with players who don't know the dungeon area is something I didn't test.

Oh you know what it works with gamepad in the browser, it was the downloaded version that I had the issue with! Awesome.

I really enjoyed this but I had to give up as I couldn't control it well enough with keyboard and the game crashed when I tried to use my gamepad! I'd really like to try it again if this is a known issue/will be resolved! Seems like you put a lot of work into it and the core mechanic was a lot of fun.

The animations are so adorable! Really captured the cover. I got trapped at the end, is that the expected outcome?

Bravo! This was genuinely one of the most affecting games I've ever played. You conveyed so much with so little. I aspire to one day make something as heartfelt. You should be proud of your work here.

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wasd or gamepad left stick.

Created a new topic Windows Availaibilty
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Hey! Could you mark the windows file as windows available so it can be downloaded via the itch.io app? That would be swell!

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Oh man that damn Tutorial Pop-Up bug I need to sort that!
Looks like you actually had some fun with this dumb game, thank you for posting the video!

It's been a long month but I learned loads and really enjoyed the theme! I hope you enjoy the game, it may have higher system requirements that it really should so if you have issues running it I apologize, I haven't had the opportunity to fully optimize it.

Thanks to @Calined for the awesome music!

Any chance you can do a version that does the typical unity launch style? This goes fullscreen on my tiny third monitor and I can't get it to go windowed or move to main monitor.

Hey, I've got a bit of experience jamming in UE, this jam sounds right up my alley.

Check out my page on here to see my previous jams, also https://twitter.com/watchyrstep

I prefer to work in UE as I can happily do a bit of programming in blueprints when it's required, generally work alone but would like a team up if anyone's interested.



Replied to Arcto Games in Thoughts

I was able to work my way through it. What I felt was lacking in some interactions was a 3rd state, particularly the lights in the first section.

1 - Object starts to react as you get near it
2 - Object reaches full interaction when you hover directly on top of it
3 - You click and the 2nd state is maintained, there is no indication your click altered anything until you remove your mouse from the object.

That said I was able to make my way through the whole game and even work around a bug in the lamp room.

Just a simple audio clue when you are on top of something and able to interact might help? There are some clicks/buzzes but they don't seem to directly relate to the mouse over state, but I might have misread it.
Overall more consistence between the interactions I think would go a long way, another example of this being the mop vs the Gatcha Capsule. The mop always moves exactly the same way whereas the Capsule moves differently each time and feels like it's a puzzle, but wasn't as far as I could work out.

But! All the interactions and stuff are fun to find, and if they all work the same way maybe they feel less unique/interesting. Depends how much you want to lean on the game aspect I guess.

Overall I thought it was a really nice piece with some minor hitches to a fuss free experience, but perhaps that's what you intended. Can't wait to see what the next Toryanse installment is!


I had this same problem multiple times, you need to click the lamp on the far right, then spin a green sign then the camera will turn to the purple vending machine. If you can light the vending machine then you can progress, if not you need to restart and try again as the hot spot after the vending machine won't appear unless the vending machine turns on which in turn won't work unless you spin the sign in the shop. Sometimes the game will move forward before you spin the sign if you click on the orange lamp on the top right in the lamp shop and block your progress. Phew!

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Thanks! Really appreciate it! The whole thing is undergoing upgrade/overhaul at the moment so new content is quite far off. You can check the progress on my Twitter and Cartrdge as it happens if you're interested!

Hah! It shouldn't be like this at all, it should be smooth like in the gif! Sorry! It's a performance related issue that will be ironed out once the game moves beyond prototype. Thanks for your video, hope you had some fun despite it not working correctly for you!

Thanks! I'm now resolved to resume work on this. I wanted to let this dust settle and see how I felt about it. You can follow my progress on twitter if you're interested @watchyrstep!

Sorry about this, it's a preformance issues that will be fixed once the game moves beyond prototype stage! Thanks for your interest! You could try lowering resolution and disabling v-sync this has improved it for some people.

No idea sorry! A reboot normally fixes that kinda thing for me, I'd reccomend shadowplay for recording gameplay if you have an nvidia card!

Hey don't sweat it! This wasn't done for profit, knowing people enjoy it is worth more!

Thanks for your comments! I'll check the video out! Someone's been hacking the scoreboard to get those times! Thanks for the heads up.

Oh! Thank you very much, your patronage and comments really mean a lot to me, I have a bit of a fascination with retro scooters so further development will continue in that direction!

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm definately giving expansion strong consideration. I can't get onto the leaderboard anymore either!

Oh awesome! Thanks for the update.

I hope it works for you, it's a horrible feeling that people want to try the game and it's unplayable! I never expected any sort of attention on it so figured if it worked for me that was enough.

Oh! I'll look into it. Someone reported similar with the rift. Likely something I forgot to disable in unreal. Sorry about that, it shouldn't happen if the vive isn't connected? But entirely my fault.

Try turning off v-sync (in options make it white). This problem has come up a few times - that has fixed it for some people. If this doesn't fix it i'm afraid it's unlikely you'll be able to play at the moment. I plan on re-working the method I used for suspension which will fix this but it's unlikely to happen any time soon so I can only appologise and thank you for your interest!

Glad you liked it!

Hi! I'd suggest using the itch app for ease of use but if you just want to download the file it's a zip file which you need to extract somewhere (right click on it and chose an extract option) then inside the main folder there will be an scoot_scoot.exe with an icon of a little bike helmet. You will need the 2015 c++ redistributable to run if it you don't already have it (if you try and run it and it doesn't work grab this!) https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.a...
Hope this helps. Game also requires a decent gpu to work as well as it does in the videos so if you get poor fps I can only appologise I didn't really expect so many people to play it as it was just a prototype/jam game. Have fun!

Thanks man! I plan on working more on it, probably starting shortly! I'll post any major updates here and intermittent ones on twitter!

Thanks dude! Pretty funny video. Really helps to see how other people interact with it. You seemed to be getting the hang of it later on. Even I can't get round without hitting a few cones :) I'd love to work on it further, we shall see!

It's not really been performance tuned yet I'm afraid. It was made fairly quick and dirty! It's unlikely to ever perform very well on integrated graphics chips on a cpu but should be okay on a 670 minimum I'd wager? YMMV!

Thanks for the input! I was shooting for that kinda feeling so good to know it's hit home!

I'll see what I can do! Never packaged for linux, might be a few days before I get a chance.

sorry about that. I just made it for fun but I am considering expanding it. I get 130+fps so I figured it was okay. It really needs a dedicated GPU though it is unoptimised for sure it's unlikely to ever run well on integrated graphics. If you donated I'll refund you.

Awesome! Thanks for bearing with me and I'll make sure v-sync is off by default in future! Now I understand whey it normally is!

Hey thanks for your feedback! I'm reworking the controls at the moment to allow for greater range of movements (individual brakes etc) Glad you enjoyed some aspects!

Hmm looks like your fps is a solid 30, so solid that it may be a vsync issue, if you turn off vsync in the options does it change anything? This is the way it's intended to perform - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUtMCjPe2EI

Hey no worries it's totally legit! I'm much more experienced on the art side than the programming side this is the first time I've done a vehicle from scratch and there are some pretty serious issues! I appreciate the candid feedback.

Thanks for your feedback! Is there any chance you could check your fps for me? I suspect your issues are related to the fact that the physics is tied to the fps and if it's running under 60fps things get a bit wonky. This is something I'd like to sort out but this was just for fun/jam so these sort of issues were not my priority. However taking it further they certainly would be! The fps can take a hit due to how I've done some of the particle effects and generally not really trying to optimize as I had limited time, Definitely not an acceptable state for a 'release' game but this was intended solely as a Jam Game or at most prototype.

To check fps press F while in game (you may need to be actually racing for this to work).

If you don't want to that's fine, if I work on the game more I'll be tackling the bike handling (needs more inertia and being able to do slides, stoppies etc would be fun). The physics issues you've reported will be part of that.