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Hello.  I've added a basic print version, which is black & white with the images removed. (it was done on my lunchbreak, so let me know if I've messed anything up!)

It will only ever appreciate in value, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just a jealous hater.

(appreciation of value not guaranteed)

Hello - sorry about the delay in responding.  I'm happy to say that physical copies are now available exclusively from Rook's Press...

Hello.  Lord has 30 pages.  It's quite close to "original" Lineage, which doesn't have the rise and fall mechanic of Lineage: Epoch Edition. 

I've added some community copies, so feel free to try before you buy.

Glad you like it.  I agree that the decorative border on one side of some of the pages feels a little short - I think the bleed and margins have just been a few millimetres off when printed, unfortunately.

Hi.  There was a field for addresses when making an order, and I've emailed everyone whose address wasn't provided.  I've checked, and I do have your address.

The first batch of copies were posted yesterday, and more will go out in the next few days.

Hi Freddybeard.  Community copies have now been added.  Hope you enjoy it.

Hi. Physical copies will be available again in April, either here or at another online store.  I want to get the current  preorders printed and dealt with before taking on any more.

Hello.  The pre-order bundle ends on 1st March, so at that point I'll be contacting everyone who pre-ordered with a survey to get their names, which will be listed as backers in the final product.

I'm planning to release a PDF version on Sunday 6th March - but it might be updated again after that date if any backers respond to the survey after then.


The magic rules will be a little mini-bonus for physical pre-orders only. The plan at the moment is for an extra A6 postcard with rules for a court witch

Hello.  Yes, physical backers will get access to a digital copy also...i just need to find the right button on itch!

i forgot to hit save!  Should now be available.

Additional copies now added, and I'll add extra copies for each review received

Hi Lukaboot.  Lörd is Lineage with a more MorkBorgian flavour.  The rules and gameplay are essentially the same, but Lörd roll tables have some different events, new characters, and there are additional tables of awful things that can happen.  It's a great question, though - so I'm going to add some commuity copies.
help yourself to a free one and let folks know what you think.

Hello. "Create an event" and "add an event" are the same thing.  I used two different terms, which was a silly thing to do.

Events must be placed in a memory. Memories can only hold a maximum number of events, and there's a maximum number of memories you can have.  If you're told to create an event and there's no space to put it, you have to lose a whole memory. (So the character is forgetting things that used to be important as new things happen, and this is gradually changing who they are).

if a prompt doesn't tell you to create (or add) an event, then don't. You can still consider what happened with that prompt, but it's not a new thing to take up space in a memory.

Glad you've been enjoying the game.

Hi Gustavo

So, Kings indicate that you're to move to the next chapter of the story. 

At the start, draw four cards so you get four prompts.  We don't want chapters to be super-short, so if any of these four cards are Kings put them back in the deck and draw another card instead. 

If you're drawing cards for prompts at any other time, drawing a King means the chapter ends.

Between rounds, we're also going to discard a couple of cards.  This will take them out of play, so they don;t come up as prompts.  Make sure, though, that you're not discarding Kings,  otherwise you won't be able to draw them as prompts.

Hope this makes sense

I feel a real Affinity for this jam.

I have no interest in trying to convince people not to be racist on the internet...but i made a thing I'm proud of and I also have no interest in sharing it with racists.

Lovecraft was a serious bigot. His racism wasn't incidental, it was a major part of who he was and the stories he told.  When we use Lovecraft as an inspiration but fail to address his behaviours as a person, that acts as a tacit endorsement of his racism.  It empowers those who still share his views.

It's that simple.  If you're not interest in the game, move on.

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I don't really think that "don't be racist" should be a controversial comment, but thanks for your input.

Thank you.  It's my first 'real' stand alone game, so I appreciate that!