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I'll accept that, Though...
1: I assumed that dominating monsters was so easy because this was just level 1 and 2 of what I assumed would eventually expand into a longer more complex game where the risk would ramp up over time, and that essentially this idea of toppling enemies would become  a central part of the gameplay like Witch Time in Bayonetta, rewarding players for mastering the system and timing on enemy attacks.
2: Also I'll give it to you that you're right that you're disincentivized from seeing the submissive trap room scenes... I guess that maybe that I'm just stuck in proper game space where I think of the fact that under this system if they have full health then it's likely players won't even try to succeed at the QTEs.

I wanted to say that I can't wait for a full version. though I will give a bit of a recommendation in regards to the game..
1: I hope there's somewhat of a progression system. Binding of Isaac comes to mind
2: just something I'm interpreting from your plans. Let the player regain energy from dominating monsters.
3: make it that failing an ambush costs you energy.

I'm a bit stuck right now.. Does anyone know how to save Skeleton princess? I got into the scene where I can save her but I don't get the option to save her. was I supposed to have an item that I don't have? or is it broken because of new versions not needing the head anymore?