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this is the most brilliant reply ever to a rude comment

I tried to press the heat button, but there was no response from the game to my attempts.

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I've run into a variety of other bugs since writing this, so I'm going to add them here. First of all, suddenly, I wasn't able to change the  "style" of a blade, etc. after making it, it just went to the "modify" thing where you press right click at the right time to get a better quality. Second, round shields don't work when I try to attach the rim to the rest of the shield. Finally, if I set a heated weapon head/shield rim aside instead of putting it in the water, it becomes cooled, but it visually retains the effect of being slightly heated. (Though the colouring of the head reverts to normal cooled colour upon being placed on a grip)

The furnace doesn't work. I put as much wood as possible into it, and the bar fills up, but it still doesn't let me smelt anything. Help pls :(

It keeps saying that I'm in the demo version even though I already payed for it.

A good feature would be that the cops try to arrest you before attacking you and they would put you in an empty jail cell on the floor and you have to break out

They kind of randomize. I've seen many variations of different levels in endless mode.

Same here. Only once though.

Same here. So frickin' annoying.