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Fixed! Thank you for playing and reporting the bug!

Added a way to limit particles drawn just now, that way you can get more fps just by clicking V! Thanks for the suggestion!

Fair enough, I've added it as a gimmick to see if it's something that I would want to keep or not, I've had 3 people tell me already that this mechanic is not it, so I would either have to build on it or remove it completely, Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

I was thinking about that too, I'll try to implement this feature some-way in the near future, Thanks for playing!

This is more addicting than it should be... good shit

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! didn't think anyone would put so much effort into this little game, I'm actually really happy you did, Thank you!

After trying again it appears to be working, the issue was that after the song ended I instinctively pressed the "Record WAV File" again to stop the recording not realizing it stops automatically after the song ended, thus starting another recording, after stopping the recording I did accidently, I click cancel in the "Save File" window to not over-write the file I thought I just exported previously, and notice after listening to the file I exported that the recording before didn't save, I put the same name as the 5 second test I did, that's why I thought it saved as a 5 second version, I would consider this a bug since I did click "Save" in the "Save File" window when exporting the first time, but the method to export the whole song is still a *really* monotonous task to listen to the whole song every time I want to export it, is there like an "export the whole song" option somewhere ?

I'm on Windows currently, and even the looped regions aren't fully being exported, I clicked the "Record WAV File" waited through the whole song thinking it might export it all and all I got is a 5 second wav file

1BITDRAGON community » Help · Created a new topic How Do I Export?
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I might be very dumb but, how do I export the whole song I've made as an audio file like .wav, there is the "Record WAV File" option but that doesn't export the whole song, Is there an option to just export the whole song as .wav ?

Was just messing around with keyframes and got this error
by messing around i mean I was deleting/adding keyframes and changing the values of they keyframes



action number 1

of Draw Event

for object o_main:

unable to mod by 0############################################################################################

gml_Script_anon_animValue_gml_GlobalScript_node_keyframe_211436_animValue_gml_GlobalScript_node_keyframe (line 97)

gml_Script_anon_NodeValue_gml_GlobalScript_node_value_7673214_NodeValue_gml_GlobalScript_node_value (line 315)

gml_Script_anon_NodeValue_gml_GlobalScript_node_value_8226217_NodeValue_gml_GlobalScript_node_value (line 335)

gml_Script_anon_Panel_Inspector_gml_GlobalScript_panel_inspector_176623_Panel_Inspector_gml_GlobalScript_panel_inspector (line 277)

gml_Script_draw_scrollPane_gml_GlobalScript_scrollPane (line 50)

gml_Script_drawContent_Panel_Inspector_gml_GlobalScript_panel_inspector (line 665)

gml_Script_draw_PanelContent_gml_GlobalScript_panel_data (line 356)

gml_Script_drawPanel_Panel_gml_GlobalScript_panel_data (line 301)

gml_Script_draw_Panel_gml_GlobalScript_panel_data (line 244)

gml_Script_draw_Panel_gml_GlobalScript_panel_data (line 255)

gml_Script_draw_Panel_gml_GlobalScript_panel_data (line 255)

gml_Object_o_main_Draw_64 (line 0)

Good shit man

It's and extremly nice game, this could be a jam winner, and it would 100% be a jam winner if ported to html5, since people dont like downloading games, I had alot of fun drawing all the stuff, i made a big headed player and a stickman holding a dragon head on a stick, amazing game!!! 

Its a pretty simple and great game, there are a few things that would make the game better tho, for example more sound effects and more feedback, for example sound effect for when you get hurt, or feedback on when you get hurt, footstep sounds etc. just something to add more life to the game, and also with the random spawning there is a small problem that happens sometimes, which is that the lil demon guys can spawn pixels away from you, and if you're moving in that direction its bascially unavoidable since you cant react quick enough, a good way to fix it is either to spawn the enemies away from the player or a better fix, add like a square in the place that they are going to spawn 1 second before the enemy will actually gonna spawn there, that makes it more predictible and eliminates the "spawning too close to the player" problem since the player can now react in time, an idea that i just had is maybe making the headbutts boost your movement speed for the time that you're headbutting, so again there is feedback on when you can actually kill an enemy with it since sometimes i just headbutted but i was too late to touch an enemy so i just lost health, other than that, i really liked the art style, especially the thumbnail for the game, its pretty cute, good job on finishing the game, hope my feedback was in any way, shape or form useful!

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Pretty good game, Its a bit repetitive but the concept and use of the limitation is pretty great, i did find a glitch tho, no idea how i did it, actually i found 2 probably unintentional things, 1 is that u can pick up the outlet and the vaccum at the same time when close to each other, and the second one is that uh, well i can go anywhere i want when the vaccum is turned on, again no idea how i did it, here is a screenshot : (and yes the vaccum is turned on and it succ's)

Glad you liked it!

Round 8 is great, its more than half a way to the end!

Thanks for playing it! reaching round 7 is still an acomplishment!

Damnnn good job, pretty sure ur the first ever person to beat the game! 

Even if u got to round 5, you gave it your best and thats the only thing that matters!

I am glad you liked it!

Yeah i kinda had problems with balancing levels and perks, I didn't want to make items like the "revive on death" too over powered while still making it atleast ok, I even wanted to scrap that perk but didn't have enough time, since I had to do some real life stuff... glad u enjoyed the game tho, really appreciate it!

Really good use of the limitation! The bullets sometimes glitch when u shoot while turning but its nothing game breaking, although i would say that the turning speed is a bit too slow, and the fact that u cant shoot up or down is kind of annoying, but its still a great game, good job!

Its a pretty enjoyable game, the high score got stuck at 39.5 for some reason and so many flying enemies were flying at me that it became very hard to actually survive, but it is a pretty alright game, good job!

Its a pretty good game, i like the visuals, i am really into puzzle games and this was a pretty simple puzzle game, i was kind of confused at first that the sticky notes made you die, it kind of didnt make sense to me but i just went with it and it wasn't too bad, good job!

Hey, so i bet its a pretty alright game but unfortunetly the HTML version of the game doesnt focus, i see that you are using game maker studio and it has a problem with the html exporting sometimes, the only way i found how to fix it is by modyfing the obfuscated code, here is a guide on how to fix it (first reply to this post) if you ever need it in the future, its pretty annoying, but if u don't do it its unplayable for some users like me...

Pretty alright game, its not that easy to play on a laptop but after I connected an actual mouse it wasn't so bad, good job!

The game is pretty good, I found a typo tho, the "projet" instead of "project", but it didnt really ruin the experience for me, good job!

Oh man i really enjoyed this game, but its so hard to understand for a pleb like me, the tutorial was basically non existent which is the part that made it hard to understand, first thing i see is 2 pieces of paper with some dark squares on them so i got really confused by that, but after some trial and error i got to round 6 where the mini boss is at, its really enjoyable but its not very easy to understand at first which is the only issue i found with this game... other than that its great!

Well if i could draw i would probably enjoy it alot more, although it is pretty hard to move with arrow keys, you maybe could have done something like "if pressing shift, slow down the movement speed of the pen by half" so people could actually add atleast some detail, I really liked the destroying the drawing animation tho, good job!

Its a pretty simple concept and its a good execution of the concept, there are a few things that i disliked, for example at first i didnt know if the word actually counted as a word, later on i realized that red outline = its not a word, but as the previous post stated, you should give more feedback to the player, and the tutorial text was a bit too fast changing, it gave a pretty nice effect of it being drawn but i bet it would be hard to read for people with actual reading problems, i reallyyyy liked the art style tho, and the simple color palette, good job!

Hey, im actually kind of enjoying this game, Me and my friend are having a competition on who can beat this game the fastest, and its getting kind of annoying to refresh the game every time i want to restart due to failing a part, could you please add a button where when i click it, it just restarts the game ? something like when esc is pressed, restart game, or even just, when esc is pressed go back to the first level, its a great game tbh, the wall jumping is pretty wonky but other than that i am really a fan of this one! almost got a time below 3 mins!

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Game suspended... probably because you created alt accounts to spam everyone's games to rate your game after you were warned by Jonas himself not to do that.

Amazing game, i love the visuals and the idea, the transition on where you enter someone's body is really good aswell, really enjoyed this game!

Great game, i love the visuals although you could have probably made the players trail to go below the player instead of above him, since that would actually give a better effect, other than that its a pretty good game, kinda sad that it has only 9 ratings

Amazing game, i love the visuals and the idea of the game, its a bit confusing at the beggining but i got the hang of it pretty quickly, great game overall!

Great game, although there are a few movement improvements that you could have done really quickly, which is a cayote jump and cayote pre-jump, a cayote jump is basically if you walk off of the ground you still have a few seconds to jump, even if you are not standing on the ground, and a cayote pre-jump is when you are falling and you press jump but you are not on the ground, the game keeps that input for a few frames and if you touch the ground in those few frames that you are falling you still jump, it adds a great feel to the movement of the game and makes the game way less punishing, great jobs on the visuals aswell, i really like the RGB neon type visuals!

Great game, in a minimalistic style, you also chose a great color palette it blends really nicely, its a pretty common topic for the game to choose aka die and jump on your corpse but i still enjoyed the game, good job!

It's a really nice game although for some reason it gets a bit laggy after i uncover alot of the area, no idea why, but i really liked the concept and the execution, great job!

Its a nice little game, i would say that the jump is a little bit too small unless thats what you were going for, other than that good job on this great game!

Very simplistic game, the game is very nicely done, the only things that i dont like about it is the repetitive levels and the loudness of the jump sound effect, its a bit loud, other than that its a great game for a game jam!