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That was fun!! I dont know why I struggled so much before haha I will see it I can beat all the levels. Well done overall, excited to see it on mobile.

Haha thanks again for the comment! I hope you get to give Unity a try :) Would also love to see you join our game jam next year if that interests you plus you give such great feedback, a lot of people would appreciate that!

Hey!! I truly appreciate the review and it's nice to see you on here again. Unfortunately this game is quite janky especially in terms of the movement and balancing and the amount of bugs. I definitely should have tried to make it easier to offset that before submitting to the jam. When the dev gets frustrated with their own game, you know something is wrong haha Should have realized while testing. I'm a bit embarrassed about uploading it in this state haha.

Thank you for the lengthy breakdown. My direction for this game and game jam was a bit all over the place and I think I went for too much this time around. I've always wanted to make a shop though, so it was fun bringing that to life! Thanks for playing and checking out my stuff <3

Love to hear it!!! Good work team :D

I quite enjoyed that! Loved the unusual artistic direction and it was a good challenge. Nicely done!!

Hey that looks great! Thanks for sharing and glad you'll be continuing development on it!

Hey DM me on discord if you want to submit it! Let's figure it out. My discord -> midnightmist#9777

Hey if you have something ready to submit right now, I can help you. Sad that you faced such an issue!

Hmm, can you share a screenshot of what you see on your game page after uploading the files? If you want quick replies, join the discord and we'll help you out.

Hey :) Can you make sure that you set the kind of project to HTML and that you checked off 'This file will be played in browser' checkbox under your upload? Let me know if that didn't help.

The jam ends on Monday August 15th 9am EST. That should give you Sunday to wrap up. We cannot move the deadline past that, sorry :((

Fixed, feel free to submit :D

Oh let me check that out, thanks for bringing it to our attention!

This seems to show the basic process of exporting to WebGL! Let us know if you have any issues, we're here to help! 

Nicely done Cedric! Cool to see how much you can do with just movement controls.

That was a fun space shooter Manti!

Definitely!! In fact,  streaming and making devlogs are encouraged!! Drop a link to your twitch. I'll try to drop by as well :)

You are allowed to use any game engine to make your game!! :D

Hahah I loved this! Lovely concept and graphics~

Awesome game design and polish. I enjoyed playing!

Nicely done! Using randomization in that way is cool to see!

Thank you very much!! Keep in mind it was made in 48 non-consecutive hours haha I dont want people thinking im a machine xD Really loved putting this game together, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I don't know how to feel after playing this hahah the character is pretty cute tho 🤣

Wow thanks! So happy to hear it was inspiring :) If you'd like to join our community, there are tons of people to help you out on your journey and seek advice from. Here's our discord!!

Awesome game! Loved the art and the mood. Concept was executed really well! Very cool that you get to play both sides!

Haha yeeted the baby too many times xD That was cool! Nice job Seth!!

Haha that gave me a good chuckle! The kick is too epic xD Good work, nice art and love the ragdoll character!

Great work! Lots of variety in the asset pack, love the different versions for every season :)

Hey Seth! Totally agree with canceling the photo, it would cut down the annoying wait time. Unfortunately, i messed up the platforming this time around and as the developer, I was much better at making those jumps so I didn't realize how tricky it was haha. Thanks for the comment and happy you enjoyed it! :D