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oh thank you very much!! :)

Oh thank you very much!! Definitely ran out of time to make more levels. Glad you enjoyed :)

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The Game Jam results are out!! Congrats to the top entries and to everyone who participated. The results are a bit wonky as of now, but just reduce one from your rank. I am trying to get that fixed!


The top 5 entries of the Do You WANNA Jam?! 2023 are...

1. Frozen Leftovers by @rburing @WickedWhite @Trash Tier Games

2. Frigid Mirrors by @SoulWolfx @firespark27 and team

3. Flap and Freeze by @Mr. Moo

4. The Letter by @Treemolo

5. Summit 64 by @Prof LEVE⅃ 

Amazing work! I will be highlighting the games in an upcoming video and will try my best to include a small clip of everyone's games. Will be up later this week. Hope you all had fun this jam. We will be back bigger and better next year. See you again around then!

We are also having a raffle in the discord for all participants, hop on and find the poll pinned in #game-jam-chat to join :)

Thank you very much :))

Thanks Mr. Moo! Glad you liked it. Congrats on your ranking~ Was a blast hosting again this year!

Hahaha omg thanks for featuring me in this game xD Love the art! And the rocket pig poster in the back is a great easter egg haha Nice game!

Thanks RockyMullet! 

Yeah for sure, the spikes were two states at first but then i realized that made no sense so I tried to come up with a lame solution to give it 3 states haha A more practical visual indication would have been better for sure! Level 11 is a bit bugged, sorry! I had only spent 3 days on the jam so its definitely lacking in areas~ Maybe i should have just cut that one out haha. Good news -that was the last level of the game xD Thanks for playing :) 

I appreciate you retrying!!! The game is a tad buggy as i only spent a couple days making it. Might come back to it eventually tho:)

Hey! Thanks for giving it a try :) Its a turn based game so everytime you move, any obstacle or enemy does a move as well. The '!' shows up on the spikes to tell you that their next move is dangerous. Hope that helps :))

Join me as I play your games :)

Hey everyone, seems that I've been getting a handful of requests for updates. I decided to unlock updates for your entries. Please use the honour system to only do critical bug fixes  or fix game-breaking issues. Do not add new functionality or features to your game please :) 



Sure go for it! I will unlock updates. Please use the honour system to only do bug fixes, critical updates/ to fix game breaking issues. Do not add new functionality or features to your game please :) 

First stream will be Wednesday, probably around 6pm EST. Then another one on Saturday!

Congrats!!! Great work :D

Yay congrats!!

Aw I love to hear it! Glad you had a good experience. Congrats submitting!! :)

Haha DM me on discord and ill help ya out!!

thank youuu :)

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Heyyy Cedric! So happy to see you submitted a game :D I will most likely stream on Aug 16th during the evening and on the Saturday after that!! hopefully i can cover your timezone at one of them!! Will post in the Discord to confirm :)

Congrats submitting! I will be sure to check it out during voting period :)

Beginners, experts and everyone in between are all welcome! Feel free to join the discord if you have any questions during development :)

You can use any engine of your choice!! :)

Exactly what Bomber351 said! Real-world topics are completely fine.

I have a Quest 2! Totally up to you if you'd like to go this route. I will definitely check it out using my headset if so :)