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Hey!! Thanks so much for giving it a playthrough :) and for the compliments of course!

Thank you so much for playing! Oathr really did a great job with the music!  

That was fun! You nailed the art and atmosphere :D Enemies were a bit too fast for me though haha

Very polished and those were some great levels! Good one uwu :3

That was really fun! Spent quite some time playing, it's such a chill game! The animations and minimal design work really well with it. AI difficulty curve seems to be done really well too. Never played this rendition of tic-tac-toe so it was cool to see it. 

If you'd like feedback, here are two tiny things :)

A restart button might be helpful especially when you know you made a wrong move. The wall of text for instructions is a bit overwhelming -I'll be honest I didn't read it (learned through trial and error). Little bite-size instructions to click through might work well.

If I still commuted, I would definitely be playing this on the train haha  Great work all around! 

Quite difficult but that made it addicting :D Really love the art. Great concept overall, well done!

This was great. Awesome narration and gameplay :D

Haha funny concept :D Good work!

Love the art, concept and gameplay! Well done. It has a great vibe!

Nice game! Love all those goblins working together :D

Fun, that was intense with the swarm chasing you!! I liked the setting too :D

Cool entry! I liked the atmosphere!

Love the use of physics in this. Took a bit to get used to controls but then it was real fun. Good entry!

Tricky but very addicting! I liked the concept, great work!

Nothing beats a good puzzle game! Loved it, well done!

haha what a funny concept! Good entry!

Haha fun! Love the sound effects, music and gameplay! Some of those waves were intense!! Great work! 

Really cute slimes and fun concept! A bit tricky to keep track of the objective in the higher levels. Great game!

Nice one! Very cute concept :)

Very cool levels you built here! Required thinking, precision and speed, I enjoyed it! It was quite tough though :D 

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That was great! I really enjoyed the gameplay and the art is so cute. Definitely one of my favourites for this jam. Super well done!

Aw darn I got stuck too, but i definitely liked the idea of the game! The bomb made me think I exploded the little guys for a second there haha Cute title and music choice for the game!

Haha brutal but addicting! I managed to get 19 tho :D Good one tauheed!

Thanks for playing!! Yep definitely could have used more polishing, keen to do some post-jam updates.

Thank you so much for the kind words! :)

That's completely fair. Unfortunately, didnt have time to polish everything up and I probably could have used my time more efficiently (typical game jam regrets) haha Thanks for playing! 

Thank you so much! Checkpoints is definitely a great idea, will be adding them post-jam :)

Thanks Simpathey! Yea I was messing around with pivots for the animations but it took a hit on the gravity flipping sadly. Definitely going to implement this feedback to the post-jam updates :D

Thank you so much! Yea the combinations of the issues was kinda a mess haha Definitely keeping these in mind for some post-jam updates :D

Thank you so much! Means a lot :) Thanks for the feedback as well, we'll definitely keep the control scheme in mind!

Thanks for playing and I appreciate the feedback! Merging on command will definitely be a better addition -I agree! Will be cleaning up these things post-jam!

Yea! Sadly, I wasn't able to get to adding a checkpoint system. Definitely keen to polish this up post-jam tho so that its a bit more fair to play :D 

Thanks for playing! We will probably change the auto-split to a split on command. I appreciate the feedback :)

Ah thank you so much! Definitely keen to polish this up and add a checkpoint system :D

Thanks for playing! Definitely want to get a checkpoint system in there. Wasnt aware of the frame rate issue, i'll definitely check that out! Appreciate the feedback :D

Fun game, awesome levels!

That was fun! I don't play many tower defense games so not sure if I was being strategic haha but this was really enjoyable, I made it to the end!! :D Great work! 

Cool game! Very tricky sometimes :D

When the first sentence I get completely right is 'Can I have your number' and she rejects </3 hahah Great game! Nice little story and catching the words was an interesting gameplay combination!

Haha that was awesome! Love the concept. Got me hyped to make a huge sammich!!!