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I wanted to but i there were many other errors to fix . Yeah i love low poly art

Thanks i will check out game

my brother posted a game in jam he didnt do anything he got like 10 ratings

Cool Little game . I am not fan of 2d games but I like this one. The pixel art is good

okay i ll rate

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I m never gonna join a jam . I have downloaded and rated ,commented other peoples games ,people still dont rate my game .I worked so hard on a game and people dont play it:(

Rate4rate :

same bro I deleted his comments. Good luck in gamedev!

Dude report this guy(karatin). I bet he never made any game in his life . All he does is does negative comments and roasts indie gamedevs. He commented negative things on my game too.

I really enjoyed it!

Love the Low poly art

Really Like the pixel art

Pixel art is Great man


Nice game . If you time check out my game

Thanks this was my first Brackeys Jam game. I ll review your game soon

Boring Walking Sim

Thanks for the feedback. Episode 2 will be released in March.

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Yes we can team up I have some experience in blender i can make props and enemy models with rigging. I have sent you a friend request on discord.

Hi, i m new to godot ,any good youtube channels to understand working of godot . Also looking for a team for godot jam


The model looks great just like residemt evil games

same I dont have skill to make good models

Thanks I be expanding on this project soon

where did you the models and assets ?they look good

Nice Game. I loved the Intro Cutscene and music. Sometimes it is hard to find blue markers .I dont know what to do in game after getting sword there is no blue markers also sword attack animation doesn't change while moving.

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Send me discord link

Nice Game. I like the Train and Enviroment, Gun. I didnt like combat also i think alligators didnt fit in the metro theme

Nice . I will try it. How much Fps you getting?

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HI I LOVED THIS GAME AS A CHILD . Are there any mods to improve the graphics

okay I will check out free assets  . Are free assets props or textures?

Yeah games like Superhot , derail valley (some unity games )are cool . I m using Unity for 6 months now, Its a good engine but i dont like the  graphics and UI , baking lights takes too long . Also wheel colliders system is bad .  I wish they really updated these features and standard assets.

I started making games with unity but now moving to unreal .Remember all shitty games on steam are "made with unity".

I have heard Unreal has some good free assets and props. Also Unity Editor lags and freezes sometimes. Can you tell me some good channel to learn unreal?

Hi , I started with unity ,because it had community support but I hate programming in unity its buggy sometimes. I downloaded unreal but it was confusing . Is blueprint system good ? I dont like progamming that much

Thanks for the feedback.