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I updated the game and loaded my save only to find that Shayla has disappeared.

I still have the ability to use the magic circle and the stuff crafted with her, and the witch's area is still blocked off, but she's nowhere to be found back at the shack and doesn't show up when I call my party after sleeping.

There's a difference between not taking you on performances and being like that, though.

Somehow her reaction bothered me more than the actual rape that led to me being pregnant in the first place.

Just a little reccomendation on something to add as an option for your choices:

Once Svet has kicked you off the dance team for getting pregnant there should be the choice to stick with swim class and tell her where exactly she should stuff her team.

Show up on Tuesday and you're all "I won't let you down!' rather than "Here's a pineapple to stuff up your &$^#, hon."

Didn't expect it to be an interesting world with developed lore and likable characters when I clicked on it but I've actually really liked reading through this and it's not the typical "kinetic" VN you see in this category with shoices that change the outcome and relationships that develop over time.

Just in case you were doing what I did...

After you find the secret you need to leave for a while and come back, it keeps saying that after you have made the pyramid rise, but when you run into the NPC in the ruins it moves on to the next tip.

I think I had some things glitch a bit, I had some things happen before they seemed to have supposed to happen, it was just that one missing scene that was keeping the gamre from quickly progressing to 100% of the currently available content.

If you have light magic before this it's pretty easy to wipe the floor with her.

The issue is it seems you *have* to lose to progress, though I'm not sure if you get the dark magic book without beating her at least once.

Thanks, That did it.

I kept getting little affection events in the morning like jogging and picnics, so the earliest I had tried was noon. Ignoring those and going to the meeting room first thing finished the quest.

Usually the ones that don't state a time are at any point, so I thought it was the "Girls' Meeting" option that shows up there.

Convince all seven girls to join you, where are they?


They're all in Exile, and every scene is unlocked for all seven of them, but this quest won't move on to the meeting room scene and "Change of Plans" won't trigger to move on with the actual story content.

Not sure if I missed something somewhere, but considering everything else is done and everything the quest says to do is complete I think I may have run into a bug.

Thanks, I thought that might be the case, pretty sure I'd run the complete pattern several times so there were no unexplored spaces for anything to be hiding XD

Since the wiki page seems to be *really* out of date...

Is there a listing of properties?

I've done a *lot* of exploring and while the church seems like it's not available to buy due to the version of the game there's a "???" at the very end that I'm not sure if I've missed somewhere along the way or if it is also not yet available.

Is this actually coming to Itch, or GOG, in the future?

Linking me to Steam just kills my interest.

Lost my entire account there years back so, while I do occasionally redeem a gift or unlock some bundle content on my replacemernt accoutn, I don't really buy there anymore.

I like how, with either Itch or GOG, even if I were to be completely banned from the store I wouldn't lose the games I already bought. They're on my NAS, not lost in the cloud, so while I may miss a patch if I don't have access to the account I bought it on I won't ever lose everything again.

I enjoyed what there was to this, but after soloing the golem dungeon I think I've run out of stuff to do for now :)

Will this be releasing here as well?

I had a lot of fun with the demo, but it cut off waaaay too soon, and I'd love to buy the game.

I don't really purchase on Steam, though. It's GOG or Itch for me.

Will this be coming back to Itch, or to GOG, after it's out of Early Access?

I really want this game, but I'm not buying through Steam.

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This was one of the quickest plays I ever had, but one of the more "eorth it" of the lot, picked up the free version on Steam and ended up buying the DLC to support it but had I known it was here...

Is this the Special Edition with the extra chapter?

They sold us this DRM-Free on Humble a while back, then killed the copy we bought, ended up with a Steam key instead.
Their "cheaters" aren't as big a deal as the whole system failing and exposing users to potential threats.
They *really* need to bring back the DRM-Free version I bought, and just remove server access, let us play direct connect multiplayer or local games and not be subject to buggy insecure servers and Steam account requirements.

I got this here and absolutely love it, but this is one of those games that was meant to be pulled out and played at the bus stop.

If this shows up on Switch or Android you've got a sale right here.

Does the download from here work without Steam being installed?

I notice it's not a "key only" game like some are, and there's no mention of a Steamworks DRM requirement, but it still mentions the service.