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Waldo with a sniper

A member registered May 07, 2021

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Now you see I I did not stop at level 10  ( the max level in this demo ) I keep upgrading my tools and now I am on demon tier stuff :) 

Lets see how far can you go. 

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I personally I'm not a gamer so I can not criticize so much. The  modeling is better what I'd ever do.The transition to the sprinting animation is a little janky. The game play I can not say because I don't have friends, Sorry to let you down about your question, but I'll try to shed some light on your game.

Cheers !

Ok I really like this game BUT .... Capsule Wars more like BEAN WARS am I right.

This is a "game" I can understand 

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Great game by the looks of it, I have been waiting 5 minutes and still its not loading  so I could register :( could you please fix this and keep up the good work :D

Great game,I love it its just there are bugs sadly please dont give up :)

I have a personal question do you like animating if so will you ever make a animating software, anyways keep up the awesome work :D

Paint of Persia community · Created a new topic The truth

This is sick and all but I must confess the only reason I commented  to make 69 comments 

Im under age I cant get a job man

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Nice :D

I Like C U B E 

Nice job :D 

By the looks of it and the comments its an amazing game ! I would buy it but you see I'm short on money. 

This is a master piece, I hope the launch of the game on steam goes well for you :)

Big trunk 10/10

A great speedrun game :D keep up the good work

Phrog ;D

Yea its a shame

Big Boi sword 


The title sums it up 

Thats the fun part you dont 

████████╗    ██╗░░██╗    ██╗    ░█████╗░    ░█████╗░ ╚══██╔══╝    ██║░░██║    ██║    ██╔══██  ╗  ██╔══██╗ ░░░██║░░░    ███████  ║  ██║    ██║░░╚═╝    ██║░░╚═╝ ░░░██║░░░    ██╔══██║    ██║    ██║░░██╗    ██║░░██╗ ░░░██║░░░    ██║░░██║    ██║  ╚█████╔╝    ╚█████╔╝  ░░░╚═╝░░░    ╚═╝░░╚═╝    ╚═╝    ░╚════╝░    ░╚════╝░

NO Thank YOU for making the game :D

I'm not crying.......I just have something in my eye 

 Wishlist karlson now gamers

Awesome game keep up the good work :D

Too bad I don't have 4 cents :I looks great though


Awesome game great graphics and great game play :) 

(windows) 64 bit zip file please and thank you very much :D keep up the great work!

You know its smol when it says smol in the title :D

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I really like the game :D :O....I just realized that :D=:O  

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I really like the concept :D keep up the good work :D I just wish I can play the game. ( I cant use rar files:( but great idea :D)

You are so good at making voxel art 

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You should make a youtube channel about how to make voxel tutorials . :D

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Good luck with what your making next :D

thanks a lot this helped a lot like a lot and I mean a lot

my god

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plot twist : the robot IS Bill, he lost his memory and all he remembers is the name Bill, so he will search for him forever but never find him because he is searching for himself