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I use RPGBoss and.... I haven't completed any game yet, I don't even know how the f to make assets for it, It's like and RPGMaker for poor people like me :'D

Don't worry fellow rando! I will find how the fuck frick to make a game with it and I'll answer your questions!!

Btw loved that username lol

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play Liar Liar. Is not a she XDDDD

Liar Liar is also very good tbh

whyy the laast oneeeeeee??? you can make lot's of those and never lose money because we fans love those games don't make me CRYYYYYY

also, I invite you to follow me and be the first one on reading it and having my works!

I'm a girl but thankyou unknown! ;DDD

I willl be posting an introduction comic (free to download) soon!!

And yes! I will make my best effort into my games! I already created the Patreon page, and also one in Tumblr and another onw in a comic site named Webtoon, part of the next step will be to finnally post my games soon, I'm so excited!

Clip Studio Paint! I'll try! Thankyou~!

Really?! :O I didn't know, surely I haven't updated, thankyou!!!

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Namiii~~~ I LOVE your games~! specially this one~! I think this is my favorite, and maybe the lonely treat series, I even cried with one of those! what drawing program do you use? I want to make my games too, I even have the Ren'Py script made by myself alone! You are my IDOL and my stile seems somewhat to yours, please don't mind that :')

well, thankyou for doing those~! Pd: could you consider translating this one to spanish? I want to show it to my couple but he doesn't speak english and sitting there translating it for him could be awkward, so, could you please do it? but only if you can, well, thankyou!!

I want to downloaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt~~~~~ plp tell me I'm cute and smol but I want to be creepy and evil... but I actually love cute stuff tho.... THIS GAME IS FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I want it pls~~~~~~

this is one of the best fckin games I've ever played. 1000/100